Coinbase Adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms Joins Biden’s 2024 Campaign Team

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  • Keisha Lance Bottoms joins Biden's 2024 campaign as senior adviser
  • She will continue her role on Coinbase's global advisory council


Former Atlanta Mayor and Crypto Advocate to Serve as Senior Adviser While Maintaining Role on Coinbase’s Global Advisory Council, Highlighting the Growing Intersection of Cryptocurrency and Politics


Keisha Lance Bottoms, former Atlanta mayor and current member of Coinbase’s global advisory council, has been appointed as a senior adviser to President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign. This move, reported by Ebony on June 26, marks a significant intersection between the cryptocurrency industry and mainstream politics.


Lance Bottoms, who served as Atlanta’s mayor from 2018 to 2022, joined Coinbase’s advisory council in April 2024 after leaving her position as a White House adviser in 2023. According to The Hill, she plans to maintain her role with Coinbase throughout the campaign period, which is expected to conclude with the November elections.


The former mayor’s dual position raises questions about the potential influence of cryptocurrency perspectives in the Biden campaign. Lance Bottoms has described cryptocurrency as a “nonpolitical and unifying issue,” suggesting a potential bridge between the digital asset industry and political spheres.

While it remains unclear whether Lance Bottoms will specifically advise on crypto-related matters, her appointment comes at a time when cryptocurrency is gaining attention in political circles. Reports have suggested that the Biden campaign is considering accepting crypto contributions and engaging with lawmakers on digital asset discussions.


Lance Bottoms’ involvement in both realms was highlighted on June 26 when she spoke at a Coinbase “Stand With Crypto” event in Atlanta. The advocacy group has been actively pushing for cryptocurrency issues to be addressed in the upcoming debate between President Biden and Donald Trump.


At the event, Lance Bottoms emphasized the potential of cryptocurrency to empower underserved communities. “Atlanta has a thriving Black-owned blockchain community,” she stated. “Crypto offers an opportunity for communities that are often unbanked and underbanked to strengthen their financial freedom.”


As the 2024 presidential campaign unfolds, the inclusion of a prominent crypto advocate in Biden’s team signals a growing recognition of the digital asset sector’s importance in political and economic discussions. It remains to be seen how this appointment will shape the campaign’s stance on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


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