Crypto Pre-drink: July 3, 2024

Crypto Pre-Drink


  • Fed Powell: US inflation cools, no rate cuts soon.
  • Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin surpasses gold as safe haven.
  • Mike Novogratz: Favorable crypto regulations expected.


In the Crypto Pre-drink, we serve up a daily shot of the hottest crypto news and market insights to fuel your investment decisions.


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell announced that while US inflation shows signs of cooling, rate cuts are not imminent. This development could significantly impact cryptocurrency investments as market liquidity and investor sentiment remain sensitive to such economic indicators.



Bitcoin as a Safe Haven

Bitcoin continues to outshine gold as a safe haven in this inflationary era, according to Arthur Hayes. This reinforces Bitcoin’s position as a critical asset during economic uncertainty, highlighting its resilience and appeal to investors seeking stability.



Crypto Regulation Outlook

Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz predicts favorable cryptocurrency regulation regardless of the 2024 election outcome. This suggests a stable regulatory future for the crypto market, which is crucial for its continued growth and adoption. These developments under



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