Crypto Pre-drink: July 9, 2024

Crypto Pre-Drink


  • Bitcoin ETF inflows surge to $295M amid market dip.
  • Messi's endorsement boosts WATER memecoin by 23%.
  • The Sandbox partners with Attack on Titan for a metaverse experience.


In the Crypto Pre-drink, we serve up a daily shot of the hottest crypto news and market insights to fuel your investment decisions.


Bitcoin ETF Inflows Surge Amid Market Dip

Investors are capitalizing on the current market dip, leading to a significant inflow of $295 million into Bitcoin ETFs. This marks a notable shift as investors seek to leverage lower prices, indicating strong confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term prospects despite short-term volatility.


Messi’s Endorsement Sparks Surge in WATER Memecoin

Lionel Messi’s social media endorsement of the Solana-based WATER memecoin has resulted in a 23% price surge. This demonstrates the profound impact of celebrity endorsements on cryptocurrency markets, driving increased investor interest and trading volumes.


The Sandbox Collaborates with Attack on Titan

The Sandbox has announced a collaboration with the popular anime series Attack on Titan, creating a unique metaverse experience. This partnership aims to attract anime fans to the metaverse platform, blending virtual world-building with immersive storytelling to enhance user engagement and platform adoption.



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