Discover the Best NFT Rarity Tools for 2023


Key Takeaways
The NFT market is rapidly expanding, and investors are seeking top-notch tools that can help them track trending NFTs and turn a profit. NFT rarity is a vital factor in determining the value of a collectible asset, and rarity sniper tools can help investors identify undervalued NFTs based on their rarity.


What Is NFT Rarity?

NFT rarity is the measurement of how rare and valuable an NFT is, with genuinely rare NFTs being highly coveted by collectors and consequently more expensive. While various methods can be used to calculate NFT rarity, they may either overvalue or undervalue certain traits and overall rarity. To address this, the Rarity Score was developed, which combines both individual rare traits and overall trait rarity in its calculation, using the formula:


[Rarity Score for a Trait Value] = 1 / ([Number of Items with that Trait Value] / [Total Number of Items in Collection])

Top NFT Rarity Tools in 2023

Investors can easily view the results of several NFT rarity tools in just a few clicks. It’s crucial to understand NFT rarity to make informed investment decisions. Below are some of the top NFT rarity tools for 2023:

#1. Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper is a highly popular NFT ranking tool with all the standard features for filtering and sorting items within a collection by rank position and price. The tool maintains a vast list of NFT collections spread over several blockchains. You can verify the rarity of your NFT by using their Discord channel in addition to their website. Using the bot command found in the channel, you can determine an NFT’s rarity on Discord. After inputting the NFT’s details in the bot command, you will receive a reply in the channel with information about the NFT, its rarity ranking, and other details.


#2. NFTinit

NFTinit is a browser-based rarity ranking calculator for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) based on the properties of NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is one of our favorite NFT rarity tools and uses real-time page details data from OpenSea, the world’s #1 NFT marketplace.


#3. TraitSniper Rarity Tool

The Trait Sniper NFT tool extension is one of the most popular and effective NFT sniping tools on the market, helping NFT buyers grab newly minted or inaccurately priced NFTs for a bargain. It enables buyers to track down the most sought-after NFTs by analyzing rare traits and overall rarity.


Investors looking to stay ahead of the game in the NFT market should keep an eye on these top NFT rarity tools in 2023.