How to Launch Your $100M Memecoin in 3 Simple Steps

How to Launch Your $100M Memecoin in 3 Simple Steps Cover


  • Creating a memecoin can yield fortunes, as shown by Iggy’s $MOTHER launch, which made over $10M. It's a better strategy than just trading.

  • To succeed, generate a widely understandable and funny meme that integrates well into various topics and becomes part of the brand.

  • Promote your meme coin through social media, influencers, and public groups, even with limited funds, to build awareness and drive interest.


Iggy made over $10M from the $MOTHER launch. While trading memecoin brings you $10K, creating it brings a fortune. I’ve analyzed over 1000 launches to find the best strategy. Here is how to launch your $100M memecoin in 3 simple steps:


*The original content is from the X (formerly Twitter) of @0xFinish




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Memecoins is the only narrative that is gaining hype daily, while other narratives are boring. ➜ A good proof is that worldwide stars such as @Caitlyn_Jenner are starting to create their own memecoins. But why are you still sitting without millions? 


You are a consumer and not a creator ➜ Yeah, by learning memecoins trading you can earn up to $10,000 monthly but in any way, every coin is partly a question of luck. ➜ Instead, it’s better to learn how to create it and get people to buy your meme, gaining millions. No need to have $1000 to launch a successful memecoins, it’s a question of desire


First of all, you need to generate a funny meme Criteria of a funny meme > Everyone can understand it > It makes 7/10 people laugh > Your meme can be integrated into a lot of topics (pictures) > Meme is a part of the brand: Make America Great Again for example (Optional) A good proof of my words would be $MOTHER, who made 50x in 2 days; no need to explain why it’s great. 


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Once you create a concept of your memecoins, it’s time to develop social networks. ➜ For your first launch, it will be enough to create Telegram and Twitter, but if you have the money, you can also try to create a website Now, let’s move on to the technical part.




► Visit pump.fun/create

► Fill out all forms, including social links

► Deploy your token Next, I will explain how to promote your token even if you have no money.




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If you have money for promoting: Write to different influencers and look at the following things: ► Quality of audience ► Niche in what influencers writing threads (Airdrops, Tokens, Memecoins) ► Average views on the thread List of tier-1 memecoins influencers/advisors: @suganarium, @traderpowm, @blknoiz06


If you don’t have money to promote:

► Share your meme in public memecoins group

► Create Reels/TikToks/Shorts with your meme

► Try to write in Telegram DMs about your ideas and meme (Sometimes it works)


Note: Before beging with any part, be sure to create a bunch of memes with your token


Now, you are fully ready to launch your first memecoin in minutes, trying to create your own luck!


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