Notcoin’s Breakthrough: What Can We Learn from Its Success?



  • User Base Cannot Be Copied: Notcoin's reliance on Telegram's user base and deep user value exploration make it difficult for copycat projects to replicate its success.

  • Operational and Market Environment Uniqueness: Notcoin's unique tie with Ton and the market environment prevent similar projects from achieving the same operational flywheel and market dominance.

  • Strategic Advantages and Lessons: Notcoin leverages real users, strategic execution, and multiple revenue streams, demonstrating the importance of cost reduction, efficient resource use, and storytelling in project success.


Recently, Notcoin experienced an explosive price surge, growing by 110% in just one week. What is the secret behind this phenomenal rise? Let CoinRank guide you through the details!





1. User Base Cannot Be Copied

  • Notcoin directly utilizes Telegram’s user base, focusing on deeply exploring user value.
  • Telegram can increase the cost for cheaters, likely deterring bot farms at the time.
  • Notcoin’s design caters to those unfamiliar with web3, with Ton’s groundwork simplifying onboarding.
  • Copycat projects on Ton would need to buy old users again, which is unlikely given the saturated market and potential for funds to be drained without a well-designed entry threshold.


2. Operational Flywheel Cannot Be Copied

  • Notcoin is closely tied with Ton, bringing traffic to Ton, which in turn reallocates operational resources to Notcoin.
  • This symbiotic relationship exemplifies the pattern seen with Solana this year: Meme tokens gain niche dominance.
  • Ton has no room left for a new Meme niche, and other ecosystems lack sufficiently differentiated users.


3. Market Environment Cannot Be Copied

  • Iconic projects are irreplicable due to market conditions.
  • Web3 projects are heavily reliant on network scale economies, facing a unified large market without significant segmentation.
  • Copycats directly compete with iconic projects but can’t win without the risk of mutual destruction.
  • In the latter stages of a bull market, there’s no time for copycats to develop like Notcoin did over six months.




1. Target Audience and Product Design

  • With 900 million monthly active Telegram users, Notcoin achieved 35 million interactions in six months, indicating a large remaining market.
  • New projects should differentiate to onboard other users, considering onboarding speed and product coverage variation.
  • The fastest-growing sectors are streaming media, short videos, and games, with short videos being particularly recommended.
  • Tokenomics can drive a decentralized attack on mainstream video content, scaling first and governing later.
  • Recommender systems are crucial.


2. Coordination of Multiple Interests and Resource Reuse

  • Notcoin’s profitability is long-term, requiring airdrops to activate enough users, listing on major exchanges for liquidity, and making market makers and speculators see operational value.
  • Traditional market structure: the leader takes 60%, the second 20%, and the rest is divided among others.
  • Low-threshold methods like Notcoin’s don’t have high per-user costs but converting regular users to paying ones requires additional screening and conversion.




1. Comparable Projects

  • Pepe: $6.1 billion FDV, 230,000 holders
  • WIF: $3.3 billion FDV, 140,000 holders
  • Slerf: 61,000 holders, $155 million FDV
  • Notcoin: Over six months, $1.2 billion valuation, 35 million interactive accounts, 1.59 million holders


2. Requirements for Second Place

  • To achieve a $400 million valuation, at least 20 million interactive accounts and 900,000 holders are needed.




1. Real Users

  • Based on Telegram user community, high registration cost due to phone and email binding, and web2 anti-fraud mechanisms prevent large-scale bot creation.
  • Meme coin airdrop mechanisms make it difficult for bot farms to exploit, leading to high user authenticity, attracting exchange participation.


2. Value-Backing Mechanism

  • Similar to Pi network but with real value; Notcoin relies on Ton’s account and wallet systems.
  • Ton, built on Telegram, offers a smart contract-enabled, peer-to-peer encrypted payment system, with ongoing development in mini apps and payment systems to further tap into the 800 million user base.
  • Even if Notcoin doesn’t generate profit, building user habits around crypto assets yields valuable data for traditional financial markets.


3. Operational Flexibility

  • Low operational costs, sharing activities with Ton’s ecosystem, simple development, and the meme token nature lower resource barriers.
  • Notcoin is part of Telegram’s user conversion strategy, reducing perceived costs and supporting iterative trials.


4. Strategic Execution

  • Higher costs and user expectations associated with Telegram, combined with time-for-token strategies, deter large-scale bot farming.
  • Without large-scale farmers, market makers can better control liquidity, and exchanges are more willing to provide liquidity, facilitating negotiations with entities like DWF.


5. Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Investment in games, content, and storytelling drives monetization.




1. Cost Reduction:

  • Costs include development, operation, market-making, and time. The latter three are significant.
  • Operational costs should leverage company resources effectively and target user base accurately to lower entry barriers.


2. Efficient Resource Use:

  • Utilize Telegram’s account system for airdrops to ensure broad and equitable token distribution, reducing market-making costs.
  • Continuously monitor and analyze data for user growth and engagement.


3. Revenue Maximization:

  • Effective storytelling to command higher prices for traffic.




  1. Operating a single project is costly.
  2. For zero-cost projects, controlling bot farms is crucial; they are vulnerable to targeted attacks.
  3. Maintain data transparency and compelling storytelling.
  4. The game’s essence is distribution: exchanges need volume, blockchain infrastructure needs active data, communities need traffic, and retail investors need hope.


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