Binance Boosts Notcoin: 30 Million Users Propel Market Cap to $820 Million in One Hour – What Drives This Phenomenal Success?

Binance Boosts Notcoin: 30 Million Users Propel Market Cap to $820 Million in One Hour - What Drives This Phenomenal Success?


  1. Notcoin achieved an $820 million market value within an hour of listing, highlighting its rapid growth and significant market interest.
  2. The project's success is attributed to its integration with Telegram and TON, offering a massive user base and strong community support.
  3. Notcoin's unique gameplay and NFT features have driven user engagement, making it a standout project in the competitive social cryptocurrency space.


Notcoin (NOT) has soared to a market value of $820 million within an hour of listing. Explore the factors behind its rapid growth, strong support, and potential in the cryptocurrency market. Let’s find out the secret behind its success!




Notcoin (NOT) has recently garnered significant attention in the cryptocurrency market. According to the latest data, Notcoin achieved a market value of $820 million within just one hour of being listed on various exchanges, a phenomenal growth rate that has captured the interest of industry experts. Telegram founder Du Rove has praised Notcoin’s success, highlighting its impressive value creation within the Telegram and TON ecosystem. This success story not only underscores the appeal of the Telegram/TON ecosystem for application developers but also showcases Notcoin’s potential and prospects as a social project.






In the following sections, we will discuss Notcoin’s operational model, development strategies, and challenges. We will also examine Notcoin’s position in the highly competitive social domain and its potential for future growth. As Notcoin continues to grow and develop, we look forward to it bringing more surprises and benefits to the entire cryptocurrency sphere.





Notcoin (NOT) is a high-profile cryptocurrency project that has recently created a sensation in the crypto world. The project’s market value surged to $820 million within just one hour, attracting widespread attention. Notcoin’s success is not accidental; it combines numerous advantages that have sparked broad interest.



  • Impressive Background: As part of the Telegram and TON ecosystem, Notcoin benefits from a massive user base and traffic entry points. Telegram, with over 1.3 billion registered users and nearly 900 million monthly active users, provides a vast market and development space for Notcoin. Additionally, Telegram’s core values of freedom of speech and privacy protection attract a global user base, establishing a strong reputation for Notcoin in the social domain.


  • Unique Gameplay: Notcoin’s distinctive gameplay is a key factor in attracting users. As a free and easy-to-use Telegram game, Notcoin offers a simple and intuitive way for users to earn coins by tapping their phone screens. Since its launch on January 1, 2024, Notcoin has seen rapid user growth, becoming the fifth most popular channel on Telegram. The introduction of NFT vouchers has further added potential value for users, injecting new vitality and appeal into the project.


  • Strong Support and Social Spread: Notcoin’s rapid rise is also attributed to its strong support within the TON ecosystem and its social dissemination capabilities. As an officially supported TON project, Notcoin has received explicit backing from the officials and has deeply integrated with TON, enabling it to quickly spread and gain user recognition. Telegram founder Du Rove has highly praised Notcoin’s success, noting its remarkable value creation within the Telegram and TON ecosystem.






  • Explosive Growth: According to data from X platform, Notcoin (NOT) quickly attracted over 3 million users for trading after its listing on various exchanges, with a trading volume exceeding $250 million. As of now, Notcoin’s market value has reached $820 million, showcasing its impressive market performance.


  • Pre-Listing Market Activity: Before its listing, Notcoin was already active in the market. Data showed that Notcoin’s total market value in the pre-trading market was $317,316,899, with a dollar trading volume of $18,788,750 and a TON trading volume of 3,915,316 TON.


  • Post-Listing Market Activity: After being listed on major exchanges, Notcoin’s market performance remained strong. Data indicated that Notcoin’s total trading volume peaked at $1.238 billion on May 16, and further grew to $1.292 billion on May 17. Although trading volume later receded, it remained at a high level.






  • Listings on Major Exchanges: Notcoin has been listed on several major exchanges. According to official announcements, Binance Finance, One-Click Buy, and Instant Swap platforms listed Notcoin’s new asset, with listings on May 16 at 22:00, May 16 at 22:00, and May 20 at 18:00 (UTC+8) on leverage, contract, and investment platforms, respectively. Notcoin also began pre-trading on Bybit, where it received a strong market response.


  • Community Reaction: Notcoin’s listing received widespread attention, with enthusiastic community reactions. Telegram founder Du Rove announced that after minting on the TON blockchain and listing on all major cryptocurrency exchanges, Notcoin had attracted over 35 million active users. Additionally, future plans published on the X platform showed that the project would launch more activities and reward mechanisms to further stimulate user participation.






  • Significance of Binance Listing: Recently, Notcoin (NOT) successfully listed on Binance, sparking extensive discussion and attention in the cryptocurrency community. As a prominent emerging project, Notcoin’s listing signifies broader market recognition and more convenient trading channels, injecting new momentum into the project’s development.


  • Implications for Community Coins: Notcoin’s listing prompted reflections and discussions on community coins. As digital assets with community consensus and trust, community coins are increasingly important in the crypto world. Binance’s support for Notcoin not only signifies recognition of the project itself but also a reassessment of the value and significance of community coins.






  • Necessity of Diversified Development and the Rise of Community Coins: Notcoin’s successful listing represents the rise of community coins in the crypto field and underscores the necessity of diversified development. As the cryptocurrency market evolves and matures, more projects are realizing the limitations of single-focus approaches and are exploring broader development spaces. Community coins, characterized by decentralization and community governance, attract increasing attention and recognition.


  • Impact and Reflections on the Industry: Notcoin’s launch is not just the birth of a project but a challenge and reflection for the entire cryptocurrency industry. It introduces new ideas and models, bringing fresh insights for the industry’s development. Notcoin’s success will encourage more projects to venture boldly and will prompt the industry to break free from traditional thinking, exploring more innovative development paths.





The future of the cryptocurrency realm is filled with the unknown and surprises. Notcoin’s listing is just the beginning; we cannot predict what will happen in the future, but we can be sure that the future will be even more exciting. The crypto world is exploring unknown boundaries, and the question is whether we are willing to follow it on this unknown journey.


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