AMD’s Stock Soars with Launch of New AI Chips, Challenging Nvidia



Key Takeaways

  • AMD’s stock surges 9.9%, reaching its highest since June, after launching new AI chips.
  • The Instinct MI300X chip positions AMD as a formidable competitor to Nvidia in AI technology.

AMD Unveils Game-Changing AI Chips

AMD’s recent unveiling of its artificial intelligence (AI) chips has made waves in the tech industry, propelling its stock to a significant 9.9% rise. The new Instinct MI300X chips are designed to compete directly with Nvidia’s dominance in the AI chip market, offering a potent alternative for AI-oriented servers.


Thursday saw AMD shares hit $128.37, marking the highest close since June and reflecting the market’s optimistic response to AMD’s strategic move. This share surge indicates growing investor confidence in AMD’s ability to carve out a substantial share in the AI chip market, traditionally dominated by Nvidia.

Strategic Partnerships and Market Potential

AMD CEO Lisa Su’s announcement about Microsoft and Meta adopting the new AI chips underscores the chip’s appeal and potential. The move is seen as a strategic step to provide cost-effective and flexible AI solutions, challenging Nvidia’s market leadership.

AMD’s AI Market Projections

While AMD forecasts $2 billion in AI GPU sales by 2024, this projection is conservative compared to the anticipated revenue for Nvidia. However, the enthusiastic response from the market and analysts suggests a bright future for AMD in the AI space. Deutsche Bank and Citi analysts highlight AMD’s competitive positioning and potential market share gains.

Future Outlook for AMD in the AI Sector

Lisa Su’s optimistic outlook on the AI chip market’s growth, which is projected to reach $400 billion in the next four years, positions AMD as a key player in this rapidly expanding sector. Su’s remarks emphasize that success in the AI market doesn’t necessarily require outperforming Nvidia, but instead securing a significant portion of the burgeoning market.


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