Apple Plans Major iPad Overhaul to Boost Sales



Key Takeaways

  • Apple aims to simplify its iPad range with new models in 2023.
  • iPad Pro, Air, and a new 11th generation iPad to lead the revamped lineup.

Revitalizing the iPad Range

Apple is gearing up to significantly refresh its iPad series in the upcoming year. As reported by Bloomberg, this strategic move aims to simplify the product line for consumers and revive sales, which have seen a downward trend in recent years. The anticipated launch of new iPad Pro and iPad Air models as early as March marks a pivotal effort to reinvigorate the tablet segment.

Decline in iPad Sales

The decision for an overhaul follows a noticeable slump in iPad sales. Apple reported a 3% drop in sales from fiscal 2022 to 2023, following an 8% decline the previous year. The fiscal fourth quarter of 2023 saw a 10% year-over-year decrease in iPad revenue, indicating a need for innovation and differentiation in the product line.

Simplifying the iPad Experience

Currently, Apple offers a range of iPads, including various models of the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and the iPad mini, each with unique accessories and chargers. This diversity, while offering choice, has led to confusion among customers. Apple’s new strategy aims to streamline the selection process, making it easier for customers to understand and choose between models.

Upcoming iPad Pro Enhancements

The upcoming iPad Pro is expected to feature significant upgrades, including an improved display, the latest M3 chip, and a new design. A notable addition is a new Magic Keyboard attachment exclusive to the iPad Pro, underlining its position as the premium offering in Apple’s tablet lineup.

iPad Air and 11th Generation iPad

The refreshed iPad Air is rumored to come in two screen sizes, equipped with the powerful M2 chip. Additionally, Apple plans to introduce an 11th-generation iPad, targeting the entry-level segment. This model is expected to replace the older ninth-generation iPad, which still features a home button, signaling a shift towards more modern designs across the range.

Phasing Out Older Models

Alongside these major updates, Apple is also reported to release an updated iPad mini. The launch of the new 11th-generation iPad is particularly significant as it allows Apple to phase out older models and focus on a more streamlined, contemporary range that addresses varying customer needs and preferences.


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