Apple’s Vision Pro Set for U.S. Debut on Feb. 2



Key Takeaways

  • Apple’s Vision Pro headset will launch in the U.S. on February 2, with preorders opening January 19.
  • The $3,500 headset, equipped with an M2 chip, marks Apple’s foray into virtual reality, targeting gaming and video content.

Launch and Features

Apple is set to release its much-anticipated Vision Pro headset in the United States on February 2, 2023. The announcement comes after years of development, positioning the headset as a major competitor to existing VR products like Meta’s Quest headsets. Preorders for the Vision Pro will commence on January 19 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. The headset, priced at $3,500, will offer 256 GB of storage and optional prescription lens inserts at an additional cost of $149.

Market Impact and Expectations

Apple’s launch of the Vision Pro marks the company’s first new product category since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015. While Apple shares saw a slight increase in premarket trading following the announcement, analysts are cautious about the immediate revenue impact. UBS predicts the Vision Pro could generate around $1.4 billion in revenue, a figure seen as relatively minor in the context of Apple’s overall financial performance.

Technological Innovations

The Vision Pro is powered by the same M2 chip used in Apple’s computers, highlighting the company’s commitment to integrating its latest technology into the headset. Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed enthusiasm for the new era of spatial computing, underscoring the potential of the Vision Pro in transforming user experiences. The headset will run on a new operating system, VisionOS, and feature a unique input system that combines eye, hand, and voice controls.

Productivity and Entertainment Applications

Apple’s Vision Pro is designed to enhance both productivity and entertainment experiences. It will be compatible with major productivity and creativity applications, including Microsoft’s Office suite and Salesforce’s Slack. For entertainment, the headset promises an immersive experience, allowing users to watch content from Apple TV+ and other platforms on a virtual reality screen that appears to be 100 feet wide.


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