AWS Unveils New AI Chips and Nvidia Partnership



Key Takeaways

  • AWS launches new Trainium2 and Graviton4 chips.
  • Partnership with Nvidia to offer advanced AI GPUs.

Amazon’s Strategic Move in AI and Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has expanded its technological frontier by introducing new chips for AI applications and collaborating with Nvidia to provide access to cutting-edge GPUs. This move positions AWS as a diverse cloud provider, offering both cost-effective Amazon-branded products and premium options like Nvidia’s GPUs, which are currently in high demand due to the AI boom.

AWS’s Response to Rising AI Chip Demand

The demand for Nvidia’s GPUs surged following OpenAI’s ChatGPT release. This led to a chip shortage, as companies eagerly adopted generative AI technologies. AWS’s strategy of developing its own chips while providing access to Nvidia’s latest offerings directly responds to this market demand, aiming to compete effectively with Microsoft’s similar approach in cloud computing.


At the Reinvent conference in Las Vegas, AWS announced its new Trainium2 AI chip and the general-purpose Graviton4 processor. Concurrently, it confirmed offering access to Nvidia’s latest H200 AI GPUs. These developments underscore AWS’s commitment to delivering advanced AI and cloud computing capabilities.

Features of the New AI Chips and Nvidia GPUs

Nvidia’s H200 GPU is an upgrade from the H100, used by OpenAI for GPT-4 training. It promises nearly double the output speed. AWS’s Trainium2 chips are designed for training AI models like those used in AI chatbots, offering significantly improved performance. The Graviton4 processors, based on Arm architecture, deliver energy efficiency and enhanced performance, appealing to organizations seeking cost-effective cloud solutions.


AWS reported over 50,000 customers using Graviton chips, reflecting the growing demand for its cloud services. In a significant move, AWS also announced operating over 16,000 Nvidia GH200 Grace Hopper Superchips, benefiting both Nvidia’s R&D and AWS customers. This partnership highlights AWS’s strategy to provide diverse and advanced cloud solutions.

AWS’s Cloud Product Evolution and Future Plans

Since launching its EC2 and S3 services in 2006, AWS has introduced over 200 cloud products. While not all have been successful, AWS’s continued investment in Graviton and Trainium programs indicates a strong demand perception. The company has yet to announce specific release dates for its latest offerings but plans to make Graviton4 virtual-machine instances available for testing soon.