FTX Proposes Bankruptcy Resolution Plan



Key Takeaways

  • FTX submits a bankruptcy resolution plan to a Delaware court.
  • The plan aims to classify creditor and customer claims for asset distribution.

Bankruptcy Plan Submission

FTX, following the dramatic collapse, has officially submitted a bankruptcy resolution proposal to a Delaware court. This submission, revealed in a recent court filing, marks a pivotal step in addressing the aftermath of one of the most significant implosions in the crypto industry.


Under the leadership of founder Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX spiraled into bankruptcy in November 2022. The downfall was precipitated by a CoinDesk report highlighting the precarious financial state of Alameda, FTX’s trading arm. The subsequent unraveling led to intense scrutiny and called for an urgent resolution for affected creditors and customers.

The Proposal’s Details

Under the newly proposed plan, FTX intends to classify creditor and customer claims based on a priority system. This structure is designed to ensure an orderly and fair distribution of recovered funds. The valuation of these claims will be determined based on asset prices as recorded at the time FTX filed for bankruptcy, providing a standardized basis for compensation.

Anticipated Court Proceedings

The proposal, now filed with the court, awaits a formal hearing. The date for this critical proceeding is set to be established in 2024. This hearing will be a significant milestone in the FTX bankruptcy saga, potentially shaping the future of how crypto bankruptcies are handled and setting precedents for similar cases.

Implications for the Crypto Industry

The FTX case, given its high-profile nature and the scale of its collapse, has broader implications for the cryptocurrency sector. The resolution process, through this bankruptcy plan, not only seeks to address the immediate concerns of FTX’s creditors and customers but also contributes to the evolving legal and regulatory landscape surrounding digital assets.


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