Meta Declared Microsoft As The Partner For Applying Llama 2



Key Takeaways

During the Microsoft Inspire 2023 event, Meta made significant announcements regarding its future plans. Meta emphasized its long-term partnership with Microsoft and declared Microsoft as the preferred partner for applying Llama 2. Microsoft plans to introduce more AI features to platforms such as Microsoft 365. Furthermore, Qualcomm revealed its collaboration with Meta to integrate Llama into products like laptops, smartphones, and headphones starting in 2024.

Open Sourcing Llama 2 for Greater Access

Meta’s press release explained the decision to open source Llama 2, aiming to provide businesses, startups, and researchers with more AI tools for experimentation and exploration. The release emphasized the importance of an open approach in the rapidly evolving field of generative AI, enabling developers and researchers to test and address development issues quickly.

Advancements and Superiority of Llama 2

Meta claims that Llama 2 has 40% more training data compared to Llama, including publicly available online sources. Additionally, Llama 2 outperforms other large language models such as Falcon and MPT in areas such as inference, code editing, and knowledge testing.

Focus on Security and Transparency

While open sourcing Llama 2, Meta aims to enhance security and transparency. The model has undergone red teaming exercises and adversarial prompting through internal and external sources to facilitate model fine-tuning. Meta also discloses its evaluation and adjustment processes. The open source version of Llama 2 will be available to customers through the Microsoft Azure platform. Meta plans to make Llama accessible to customers through other service providers like AWS, Hugging Face, and more.


Meta’s announcement of open sourcing Llama 2 marks a significant development in the AI field, offering businesses, startups, and researchers greater access to AI tools for experimentation. The collaboration with Microsoft and Qualcomm highlights the strategic partnerships that Meta aims to leverage. By prioritizing security and transparency, Meta demonstrates its commitment to advancing the field of generative AI while fostering accessibility and innovation.