Microsoft Plans Xbox Integration of Crypto Wallet: Leaked Documents Reveal Upgrades



Key Takeaways

  • Leaked FTC documents reveal Microsoft’s plans to integrate a crypto wallet into its Xbox gaming console.
  • The documents also outline upgrades for the Xbox, including a new disc-less Xbox Series X and a next-gen hybrid Xbox.

Leaked Documents Unveil Microsoft’s Plans

Global technology giant Microsoft is considering the integration of a crypto wallet into its renowned Xbox gaming console, according to leaked documents from an ongoing legal battle. This revelation comes as part of Microsoft’s broader plan to enhance its gaming experience and embrace the world of digital assets.


The leaked documents, stemming from the Federal Trade Commission’s case against Microsoft, have shed light on the company’s ambitious plans for Xbox. While the case primarily concerns Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it inadvertently disclosed the tech giant’s intentions for its gaming division.

Xbox Crypto Wallet and Implications of Integration

Among the upgrades and innovations detailed in the leaked documents, the most striking revelation is the potential inclusion of a crypto wallet within the Xbox ecosystem. This move could signify a significant step toward the convergence of the gaming industry and the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.


Industry experts speculate that integrating a crypto wallet into Xbox could have far-reaching implications. Michael Silberberg, head of investor relations at AltTabCapital, emphasized the close ties between digital assets and gaming, suggesting that this integration could empower players to own real value within in-game worlds, fostering decentralized player-driven markets and reducing fraud in digital economies.

Delayed Merger Amid Regulatory Concerns

While Microsoft and Activision pursue their merger, they have extended the deadline to October 18 to address remaining regulatory concerns. This delay reflects the importance of complying with regulatory requirements in the context of integrating emerging technologies like crypto.

The Future of Gaming and Crypto

Microsoft is not the only tech giant exploring the potential integration of crypto-related functionalities. Amazon, Google, Sony, and Meta have all been associated with similar concepts. The marriage of Web3, blockchain gaming, and digital assets aligns with the gaming industry’s evolution and the broader tech landscape.


The intersection of gaming and crypto is a natural progression that holds substantial promise. While regulatory challenges persist, the gaming industry’s adoption of digital assets and blockchain technology is likely inevitable. As one tech giant takes the lead, others may follow suit, reshaping the future of gaming and digital asset ownership.


In summary, Microsoft’s potential integration of a crypto wallet into Xbox represents a significant step in bridging the gap between gaming and the world of cryptocurrencies. As the tech industry continues to explore these synergies, the gaming experience is poised for transformation, offering new opportunities for players and investors alike.