NVIDIA’s Stock Still a Steal Despite Doubling This Year!


Evercore ISI Analysts Highlight NVIDIA’s Undervaluation Amidst Skyrocketing Prices


Key Points

Evercore ISI report: NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA), the AI technology leader, undervalued but primed for growth. Analyst rates it an outperformer with a target price of $550.


Analysts Bullish on Undervalued NVIDIA

NVIDIA, the powerhouse behind AI technology, continues to be an undervalued gem in the stock market, according to Evercore ISI analysts. While its stock has soared this year, driven by the surging demand for AI chips, NVIDIA remains a top pick with significant growth potential. The analysts rate it as outperforming the market, setting a target price of $550.


Doubts Dispelled: NVIDIA’s Justified Surge

As NVIDIA’s stock price has already doubled this year, some investors worry about it becoming too expensive. However, the Evercore ISI analysts reassure that the price surge does not reflect its true value. Given NVIDIA’s massive growth potential, the stock is still considered a bargain. 


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Low Valuation, High Growth: NVIDIA’s Bargain

With NVIDIA’s stock price currently around $425 and a modest P/E ratio of 14, the analysts estimate a remarkable compound annual earnings growth rate of 55%. If these growth assumptions hold true, NVIDIA’s stock price is far from overpriced, leaving substantial room for further upside.

$1T Valuation: Real Potential

The debate over NVIDIA’s valuation of approximately $1 trillion revolves around whether it’s mere speculation or grounded in reality. However, the analysts firmly believe that the current trend is based on real factors. They emphasize that we have only scratched the surface of generative AI capabilities, indicating even more exciting prospects ahead.

Massive Earnings Growth: NVIDIA Dominates

By 2027, the analysts predict NVIDIA’s earnings per share to reach a staggering $30. This projection highlights the tremendous growth potential compared to this year’s expected earnings of under $8 per share. NVIDIA’s position as an AI powerhouse in the industry is further solidified.

Unmatched in AI: Strong Ratings

It’s not just Evercore analysts who are bullish on NVIDIA. Mizuho analysts also stand firm that no other company can rival NVIDIA’s position in the AI field. They foresee continued rapid growth for the tech giant. 


NVIDIA’s stock remains an irresistible steal, despite doubling in value this year. The undervaluation, coupled with its explosive growth potential, makes it a top pick for investors. The industry recognizes NVIDIA’s dominance in AI, with expectations of continued high-speed growth. Strap in for the AI revolution and join the NVIDIA bandwagon!