OKX Expands Inscriptions Support with New Token Standards



Key Takeaways

  • OKX announces the addition of new token standards like ARC-20 and SRC-20, with a future marketplace in the pipeline.
  • Inscriptions, distinct from NFTs, offer a new canvas for Web3 creativity and permanence on the blockchain.

Expanding the Inscriptions Ecosystem

OKX, a leading digital asset exchange, has announced the integration of several new token standards, including Atomicals (ARC-20), Stamps (SRC-20), Runes, and Dogecoin’s Doginals (DRC-20) into its platform. The move, slated for February, signals a significant expansion in OKX’s offerings, aligning with the growing interest in blockchain inscriptions. OKX Wallet’s inscriptions tool, which already supports minting on 23 networks, is poised to play a pivotal role in this evolving landscape.

The Surge of Blockchain Inscriptions

Blockchain inscriptions, particularly on the Bitcoin network, have seen a remarkable uptick in the past year. Data indicates over 58 million inscriptions on Bitcoin, with substantial activity around BRC-20 fees. Unlike traditional Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), inscriptions embed information directly onto the blockchain, ensuring greater permanence and authenticity. This fundamental difference offers a unique proposition for both creators and collectors in the Web3 space.

Inscriptions vs. NFTs: A New Web3 Canvas

OKX’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jason Lau, emphasizes the distinction between inscriptions and NFTs, highlighting the former as a “pure Web3 product.” Unlike NFTs, which often rely on external links to digital assets, inscriptions ensure that content is immutably stored on the blockchain. This approach guarantees longevity and resilience, as evidenced by the challenges faced by FTX’s NFT marketplace users during its bankruptcy proceedings.

Diverse Applications and Future Prospects

The diverse nature of blockchain inscriptions allows creators to choose the right chain for their projects, whether it’s Bitcoin for premium collections or more accessible platforms like Solana for mass-market projects. Lau envisions inscriptions as a new creative canvas in Web3, offering limitless possibilities for innovation and artistic expression. This expansion by OKX is set to catalyze further growth in this sector, providing a robust infrastructure for the burgeoning inscriptions market.


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