OpenAI CEO’s Global Tour Spurs Optimism for AI Collaboration


Key Points
OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, expressed a “considerably optimistic” outlook on the prospects of global collaboration in artificial intelligence (AI) following his extensive visits to several capitals worldwide.



OpenAI is currently conducting a whirlwind tour, aiming to leverage the public’s interest in generative AI and shape the regulatory landscape surrounding this burgeoning technology.


While the European Union is in the process of drafting a proposed AI law expected to become legislation this year, the United States leans towards adjusting existing laws rather than creating new ones.


During a speech to students in Tokyo, CEO Sam Altman remarked, “At the beginning of this journey, I held doubts about the possibility of short-term global collaboration to mitigate existential risks. However, as I near the end of my travels, I’m feeling significantly more optimistic.”


Regulatory bodies are actively working on establishing new guidelines to govern the use of generative AI. Generative AI possesses the ability to autonomously generate text and images, eliciting both concerns and excitement among individuals.


Altman stated that all the conversations during his visits proceeded smoothly, although he refrained from sharing specific details. He emphasized, “Throughout history, humans have consistently worked alongside machines.”


Prior to returning to the United States, Altman has scheduled visits to Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia.