Paul McCartney and Late John Lennon Unite in Unfinished Song


Key Points
In a recent BBC interview, Paul McCartney revealed that his latest song was based on a demo recorded by the late John Lennon before his passing. Initially rough in its form, AI technology was employed to separate Lennon’s vocals from the piano accompaniment, bringing this new composition to life.



Though McCartney didn’t disclose the song’s title, the BBC speculated that it could be the unfinished 1978 piece by Lennon titled “Now and Then.”


As AI continues to advance, its applications expand exponentially, presenting both immense possibilities and unforeseen risks. In response, UN Secretary-General António Guterres expressed support for the establishment of an international regulatory body.


Guterres stated, “I endorse the idea of having an AI agency inspired by the existing International Atomic Energy Agency.”


Additionally, Guterres announced the launch of an AI advisory body by the end of the year, tasked with regularly reviewing AI governance arrangements and exploring their alignment with human rights, rule of law, and public welfare.


However, Guterres emphasized that such a regulatory entity could only be formed by member states, with the Secretariat unable to establish it independently. Last month, the founder of ChatGPT also called for the establishment of a similar institution to oversee AI, a concept supported by UK Prime Minister Sounak.