Quantum Cats Sale Delayed Amidst Technical Glitches



Key Takeaways

  • Technical issues mar Taproot Wizards’ sale of “Quantum Cats” Bitcoin inscriptions.
  • High demand for the digital cats collection leads to a delayed sale and user frustration.

Launch Hurdles for Quantum Cats

The much-awaited sale of “Quantum Cats,” a collection by the Ordinals project Taproot Wizards, was hindered by technical issues, leading to significant user frustration and a delay in sales. The event, aimed at commemorating a Bitcoin improvement proposal, faced unexpected challenges as the servers struggled to cope with the overwhelming demand.

Technical Glitches and User Discontent

Scheduled for Monday at 17:00 UTC, the sale of around 3,000 digital cats was postponed to Tuesday due to server overloads. Around 30% of “Quantum Cats” were minted on Monday. The Issue caused an unsatisfactory experience for many users, who voiced their displeasure on various platforms, including the project’s Discord channel.

Financial Implications and Community Response

Priced at 0.1 BTC each, the Quantum Cats collection had the potential to raise approximately 300 BTC, or $12.9 million. The setback not only impacted the financial outcome but also cast a shadow on Taproot Wizards’ recent $7.5 million seed funding success. The controversy around the Ordinals protocol and its impact on the Bitcoin network further fueled debates within the community.

Apologies and Future Plans

Co-founder Udi Wertheimer addressed the issues in a live session, acknowledging the glitches and expressing regret for not meeting users’ expectations. The team’s immediate focus is on resolving these technical challenges and ensuring a smoother process for the subsequent phases of the sale.


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