Japan’s Tech Showdown: AI, Semiconductors, Global Investments


Key Points

Japan’s AI domination targets industry giants like Nvidia. Japan-EU collaboration bolsters semiconductors. SAKURA’s Hokkaido supercomputer turbocharges AI, generating language models in 3 days. Brace yourself for the AI revolution through global tech collaborations.


Unleashing Japan’s AI Potential

Japan aims to dominate the global AI scene, with Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura leading the charge. The country plans to support startups, foster collaborations, and explore universal basic income. The goal? To surpass industry giants like Nvidia and lead in AI training processors.

Japan-EU Collaboration in Semiconductors

Japan and the European Union (EU) join forces to safeguard the semiconductor supply chain. A memorandum of understanding ensures rapid information-sharing during crises. Close cooperation in next-gen semiconductor research and workforce expertise exchange further strengthens ties.

Sakura Supercomputer Project Takes Flight

Cloud services provider SAKURA Internet is building a supercomputer in Ishikari, Hokkaido. This beast aims to develop language models like “GPT-3” in just three days, turbocharging generative AI. The future of computing is on the horizon.

Chip Chats and AI Alliances

Thierry Breton, the EU’s Internal Market Commissioner, visits Tokyo to discuss chip and AI collaboration. Partnerships and knowledge-sharing take center stage as countries unite to advance these cutting-edge technologies.

Global Investments and AI’s Impact

French President Emmanuel Macron puts big bucks into data training and research, recognizing AI’s potential to conquer the unconquerable. SoftBank Group also envisions an interconnected society empowered by AI at their shareholder meeting. The race to harness AI’s societal impact is on!

SoftBank’s Nvidia Missed Connection

Oh, the irony! SoftBank Group dumps its Nvidia holdings in 2019, missing out on a tenfold surge in stock price since their $4 billion investment in 2017. Hindsight is a painful thing. 


Japan’s determination, EU partnerships, and powerful supercomputers shape the nation’s tech destiny. International collaborations, investments, and the transformative power of AI are reshaping the global tech landscape. Get ready for the AI revolution!