Varjo Unveils XR-4 Mixed-Reality Headset for Enterprise Use



Key Takeaways

  • Varjo releases XR-4, a high-end mixed-reality headset designed for enterprise use.
  • The XR-4 features 4K displays, wider field of view, and advanced mixed-reality capabilities.

Varjo’s New Enterprise-Focused Headset

Finnish mixed-reality startup Varjo has introduced its latest innovation, the XR-4 headset, targeting the enterprise market. Priced at $3,990, the XR-4 is set to compete in the burgeoning virtual and augmented reality sector, where tech giants like Meta, Microsoft, and Apple are already crucial players. However, unlike these consumer-oriented products, Varjo’s XR-4 is specifically engineered for enterprise applications such as pilot training and construction site surveying.

Technological Advancements in XR-4

The XR-4 boasts significant improvements over its predecessors, featuring two 4K displays for each eye and a 50% broader field of view. Enhanced display brightness and color range further elevate the user experience. According to Varjo’s Chief Product Officer, Patrick Wyatt, the XR-4 achieves a balance between technological sophistication and cost-effectiveness, partly due to streamlined production processes.

Mixed-Reality and Practical Applications

A standout feature of the XR-4 is its dual 20-megapixel cameras enabling ‘pass-through’ mixed reality. This functionality allows users to interact with both digital and physical elements within the same environment, similar to offerings from Meta and Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro. The XR-4’s capability was demonstrated effectively in a 2022 trial where users could interact with virtual objects overlaid on the real world.

Enhanced Features for a Comprehensive Experience

The XR-4 is also equipped with ambient light sensors, improved lidar technology, 3D spatial audio, noise-canceling microphones, and integrated speakers. Its inside-out tracking and proprietary controllers enable seamless navigation in both digital and physical spaces, enhancing its utility in various professional settings.

Competitive Landscape and Varjo’s Position

Varjo enters a competitive market where U.S. tech giants have already announced similar mixed-reality headsets. Meta launched the Quest 3, while Apple’s Vision Pro is slated for release next year. Varjo differentiates itself with its enterprise focus and technologically advanced features tailored for professional use.

Varjo’s Funding and Market Outlook

Backed by over $160 million in funding from investors including Foxconn, EQT, Volvo, and Atomico, Varjo’s latest launch reflects its ambition in the mixed-reality market. Though the company’s valuation remains undisclosed, its strategic focus on enterprise applications positions it uniquely in the rapidly evolving mixed-reality landscape.