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Apple Intelligence: Effortless Writing, Drawing, Video Editing, and ChatGPT Integration

Apple Intelligence


  1. Versatile AI Tools: Apple Intelligence enhances user experience with tools like Writing Tools for improved communication and Image Playground for personalized digital creation.
  2. Siri Upgrades: The new Siri offers more natural interactions, understanding context even in fragmented speech, and integrates with ChatGPT for expanded capabilities.
  3. Device Compatibility: Available on devices with M1 chips or higher, Apple Intelligence will initially support English, with more languages to be added by 2025.


Apple introduces Apple Intelligence, a personal AI system enhancing your iPhone, iPad, and Mac experience with powerful features for writing, image creation, and more.




Apple Intelligence


Introduced at WWDC 2024, Apple Intelligence is Apple’s new personal AI system that integrates advanced generative AI models into the cores of iPhones, iPads, and Macs. This AI not only enhances privacy standards but also delivers smart, context-sensitive functionalities that cater to user needs.




Apple Intelligence offers a variety of applications across iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, designed to improve writing, communication, and operational efficiency. Here’s a dive into 5 main features:


Feature 1. Writing Tools


Apple Intelligence


A new feature designed to boost writing skills and communication efficiency. This tool simplifies tasks like organizing notes, refining articles, and drafting emails.


  • Rewrite: Customize your writing to suit any occasion, from formal job applications to creative party invitations.
  • Proofread: Automatically checks for grammatical errors, ensuring clear and correct expression suitable for professional documents like business reports and emails.
  • Summarize: Summarize text into digestible points or paragraphs, also enabling quick memo transcription into concise, essential points after recordings.


Apple Intelligence


Feature 2. Image Playground


Apple Intelligence


A powerful image creation tool that allows users to quickly generate fun and personalized images, greatly enhancing the convenience and enjoyment of digital creation.


Image Playground is built into several native apps such as Messages, Notes, Keynote, and Pages, enabling the swift creation of AI-generated images. If you want to use it in third-party apps, it requires developers to integrate the Image Playground API to support this feature.


Here are the 3 styles of AI-generated images available in Image Playground:


  • Animated Style: Ideal for dynamic and lively expressions, bringing images to life.
  • Illustration Style: Focused on artistic quality, perfect for creating unique and visually appealing images.
  • Sketch Style: Offers simple, hand-drawn style images, suitable for initial ideas and sketching.


In addition to creating images through text descriptions, Apple has also added preset themes, outfits, accessories, and locations to the Image Playground tool. Users can easily generate images using AI drawing features by simply clicking, without the need to learn complex text commands.


Image Wand: With the “Image Wand” feature accessible from the Apple Pencil palette, sketches from Notes, Keynote, or Pages can be transformed into refined illustrations using AI. This feature also allows for style adjustments to personalize the images further.


Apple Intelligence


Feature 3. Genmoji Sticker


Apple Intelligence


This allows users to enter a simple description to easily generate unique emojis or stickers. Additionally, Genmojis can be used to create photos of friends or family, adding a fun and personalized touch to chats and making communication more engaging.


Feature 4. Enhanced Photo and Video Search


Apple Intelligence


  • Natural Language Search: Use everyday language to find specific photos, like “Chris traveling around Japan.”
  • Clean Up: Remove unwanted background items from photos to focus on the main subject.
  • Memory Movies: Easily create personalized short films from your photos and videos by just describing what you’re looking for.


Feature 5. Smart Notification Management


Apple Intelligence


This AI enhancement prioritizes critical alerts to appear at the top of the lock screen, ensuring you don’t miss any important information and reducing the clutter of less relevant notifications.


Furthermore, when Focus mode is activated, the new “Reduce Interruptions” feature comes into play. It displays only the notifications that require immediate attention, helping to maintain focus and minimize distractions from other alerts.




Apple Intelligence


With the powerful capabilities of Apple Intelligence, Siri has been upgraded with a new logo and more enchanting screen animations. Thanks to enhanced language understanding, Siri has become more natural, context-aware, and personalized, simplifying and speeding up the execution of daily tasks. Even if your speech is halting or unclear, Siri can grasp the context. For instance, if a friend sends a new address in a message, you can simply say, “Add this address to my contact list,” and Siri will handle it.


Siri seamlessly navigates through the system and all apps to execute various commands. Users can say, “Play the song recommended by Naomi,” and Siri will locate and play it, regardless of whether it was recommended via text or email, eliminating the need to switch between apps.


Apple Intelligence




Apple Intelligence


Apple has also announced a partnership with OpenAI, integrating Apple Intelligence with ChatGPT. When needed, solutions can be provided through ChatGPT, with user consent sought before any queries, documents, or photos are sent to ChatGPT, and responses are directly handled by Siri to ensure user privacy. Apple users can use this feature for free without a separate ChatGPT account, while existing ChatGPT subscribers can link their accounts and use paid features directly in the system.


Apple Intelligence, a new personal intelligence system for Apple devices, will launch in beta this fall with iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. Initially supporting English, the system will expand to more languages by 2025.


Highlighted at WWDC as just the beginning of Apple’s AI advancements, this technology will enhance Siri’s comprehension of on-screen content and improve app interactions. Keep in mind that Apple Intelligence requires devices with M1 or higher chips, such as the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, and select iPads and Macs with their settings in English (US).


Additional features and language support will be gradually added throughout the next year, let us stay tuned!


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