OpenAI Startup Fund Backs AI Health Coach Venture with Arianna Huffington

OpenAI, AI Health


  • OpenAI Startup Fund and Thrive Global back new AI health venture
  • Aims to create AI-powered health coach for personalized lifestyle advice


Thrive AI Health, led by former Fitbit executive DeCarlos Love, aims to develop personalized AI-powered health advice. The venture is supported by OpenAI’s Sam Altman and Huffington’s Thrive Global, with strategic investment from the Alice L. Walton Foundation.


In a significant move bridging artificial intelligence and healthcare, OpenAI‘s Startup Fund and Arianna Huffington‘s Thrive Global have joined forces to support a new venture, Thrive AI Health. The company aims to develop an AI-powered health coach that provides personalized advice on various aspects of well-being, including sleep, nutrition, fitness, stress management, and social connections.



DeCarlos Love, formerly of Google’s Fitbit division, has been appointed as CEO of Thrive AI Health. The venture has also secured strategic investment from the Alice L. Walton Foundation, with the Alice L. Walton School of Medicine named as one of its initial health partners.


According to Huffington and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, the goal is to train an AI health coach using scientific research and medical data. This virtual assistant, integrated into smartphone apps and Thrive’s enterprise products, will learn from users’ behaviors to offer real-time, tailored health recommendations.


“Most health recommendations at the moment, though important, are generic,” Huffington and Altman stated in a Time op-ed. “The AI health coach will make possible very precise recommendations tailored to each person.”


While Thrive AI Health represents an innovative approach to personalized healthcare, it enters a field where many tech companies have faced significant challenges. Previous attempts by companies like IBM’s Watson Health and Babylon Health have encountered technical, regulatory, and ethical hurdles, ultimately falling short of their ambitious goals.


To address potential concerns, Thrive AI Health is positioning itself as a more careful and thoughtful approach to AI in healthcare. The company has appointed Gbenga Ogedegbe, director of NYU Langone’s Institute for Excellence in Health Equity, as an advisor. It also promises peer-reviewed research data and user control over information used for recommendations.


However, the venture will need to navigate complex issues surrounding data privacy and security, especially in light of recent healthcare data breaches. The company’s ability to balance innovation with patient privacy and ethical considerations will be crucial to its success and acceptance in the healthcare community.


As Thrive AI Health embarks on its mission to “democratize” health coaching and address health inequities, it faces the challenge of delivering on its promises while avoiding the pitfalls that have befallen similar ventures in the past. The tech and healthcare industries will be watching closely to see if this new approach can truly revolutionize personalized health advice.



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