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OpenAI’s Internal AI Details Stolen in 2023 Breach



  • In 2023, a hacker accessed OpenAI’s internal discussions, stealing AI technology details.
  • No customer or partner information was compromised, and the breach was not considered a national security threat.


OpenAI faced a significant security breach last year, raising concerns over AI technology safety.


OpenAI, the company behind the widely known ChatGPT, faced a security breach last year when a hacker infiltrated their internal messaging systems, according to a report by the New York Times. The breach led to the theft of details concerning the design of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence technologies. The incident was disclosed by two individuals familiar with the matter, who noted that the hacker accessed an online forum where OpenAI employees discussed their latest technologies.


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Summary of Incident

Despite the breach, the hacker did not penetrate the systems where OpenAI stores and develops its AI technologies. This information was confirmed in the report. OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft, has yet to respond to requests for comments from Reuters.


Internal Response and Public Disclosure

The breach was communicated internally to OpenAI employees during an all-hands meeting in April of last year. The company’s board was also informed. However, OpenAI executives decided against publicly announcing the breach since no customer or partner information was compromised. The executives did not perceive the incident as a national security threat, believing the hacker to be an individual with no connections to any foreign government.


Law Enforcement and Security Measures

The report highlighted that OpenAI did not report the breach to federal law enforcement agencies. In response to the breach, OpenAI has taken steps to enhance its security measures. Additionally, the company disrupted five covert influence operations in May, which attempted to use its AI models for deceptive activities online.


Regulatory and Industry Context

The Biden administration is reportedly preparing to implement new regulations to safeguard US AI technology from foreign threats, particularly from China and Russia. These plans aim to establish protective measures around the most advanced AI models, including ChatGPT.


In a move towards ensuring the safe development of AI technologies, 16 companies involved in AI development pledged in May to adhere to safety protocols. This pledge occurred at a global meeting where regulators discussed rapid innovation and emerging risks in the AI field.



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