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Samsung’s Bixby Set for AI Overhaul: A Game-Changer in Digital Assistants

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  • Samsung to launch AI-upgraded Bixby in 2024
  • Upgrade aims to improve conversational skills and task complexity


As smartphones enter the AI era, Samsung’s mobile chief confirms plans to upgrade Bixby with proprietary AI models this year, promising enhanced conversational abilities and complex task management


In a significant move that could reshape the digital assistant landscape, Samsung has announced plans to infuse its Bixby virtual assistant with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This development, confirmed by TM Roh, head of Samsung’s mobile division, to CNBC, marks Samsung’s entry into the AI-powered smartphone era, following recent advancements by competitors Google and Apple.


While Samsung has already incorporated various AI tools into its devices, Bixby has yet to receive a comprehensive AI upgrade. This forthcoming update, slated for release later this year, will leverage Samsung’s proprietary AI models to enhance Bixby’s functionality and user experience.


Although specific details about the upgrade remain undisclosed, industry experts anticipate significant improvements in Bixby’s conversational abilities. The AI-enhanced version is expected to maintain context throughout extended interactions, allowing for more natural and fluid conversations with users. Additionally, the upgrade may enable Bixby to handle more complex tasks that require interaction across multiple applications.


This AI overhaul comes at a crucial time for Samsung, as digital assistants become increasingly central to smartphone functionality. In recent tests, Bixby has shown promise, outperforming competitors like Siri and Gemini even in its current form. The upcoming AI enhancements are poised to further solidify Bixby’s position in the market.


Despite this focus on Bixby, Samsung has reassured users that it will continue to support alternative digital assistants on its devices, such as Google Assistant. This approach allows Samsung to cater to a wide range of user preferences while pushing forward with its own AI innovations.


As the smartphone industry continues to evolve, Samsung’s investment in AI technology for Bixby demonstrates the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of mobile innovation. With less than half of 2024 remaining, users can expect to experience the upgraded Bixby in the near future, potentially revolutionizing how they interact with their Samsung devices.


Meta Description: Samsung confirms plans to upgrade Bixby with AI capabilities in 2024, promising enhanced conversational skills and complex task management. This move positions Samsung as a key player in the AI smartphone era, while still offering users choice in digital assistants.



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