Arcade Galaxy Launches Multiplayer Beta with Token Airdrop on the Horizon

Arcade Galaxy Launches Multiplayer Beta with Token Airdrop on the Horizon Cover


  • Arcade Galaxy introduces multiplayer beta with customizable maps and rules, enhancing player creativity and competitiveness in the Web3 gaming space on Avalanche.
  • Community feedback highlights balanced level design and user-friendly gameplay, making it accessible for players of various ages compared to traditional games.
  • The game focuses on rewarding player contributions, blending play-to-earn and build-to-earn mechanics, with plans for further enhancements in level editing and game modes.


Gaming in Web3 continues to trend as players embrace the ownership of their in-game assets and the possibility of earning rewards for their achievements. Arcade Galaxy, one of the most well-known games on Avalanche, recently hosted an offline meetup in Taipei, Taiwan. This event allowed community players to test the upcoming multiplayer beta of the game.


During the meetup, Evan, the founder and CEO, introduced several exciting features in the updated version. For map creation, players will be able to freely set game rules and win conditions, adding a new level of customization and creativity to the game. This integration also brings more map objects and modes, enhancing the overall gaming experience. In addition to these map features, players can form teams to compete against each other or challenge competitors to achieve the highest score, adding a competitive edge to the races.


The feedback from the community players is: 1. The time design for each level is just right. It’s not too demanding for slightly older players and 2. The game has high entertainment value and easy operation, making it easier to pick up compared to other traditional games. The multiplayer beta is expected to launch in mid-July, and it is anticipated to attract more gamers to the community! Wishlist the game on Steam to stay informed about the latest updates. Concurrently, Arcade Galaxy is also hosting airdrop campaigns for the upcoming token launch. Follow them on social media to learn how to participate.



Arcade Galaxy Launches Multiplayer Beta with Token Airdrop on the Horizon 2

Arcade Galaxy hosted an offline meetup in Taipei on 6th July.


Arcade Galaxy Launches Multiplayer Beta with Token Airdrop on the Horizon 1

Arcade Galaxy hosted an offline meetup in Taipei on 6th July.





Established in 2022 with backing from Avalanche and other investors, Arcade Galaxy introduced a pioneering kart racing arcade game that blends play-to-earn and build-to-earn mechanics. Over the past two years, Arcade Galaxy has focused on refining gameplay and community engagement, launching 2,000 Planet NFTs on Avalanche and hosting diverse community contests such as map creator challenges and map racing events.


Foundamentall, Arcade Galaxy values and rewards contributions that enhance the gaming experience. Both creators and players play crucial roles in shaping the game’s evolution by creating user-generated maps, introducing new challenges, and participating in community-driven events. This collaborative environment allows players to immerse themselves in versatile roles as creators, racers, or both, exploring official maps with customizable, charming cubs. Empowered by an intuitive interface and comprehensive toolkit, players can create unique maps that offer distinct challenges and themes. Regular showcases of community achievements on social media further foster a culture of mutual support and creativity, ultimately enriching the overall gaming experience.





At this event, we were also honored to have the opportunity to ask the founder a few questions about Arcade Galaxy’s future development:


1. What are Arcade Galaxy’s advantages compared to other GameFi projects and even traditional games?

Compared to previous GameFi, this is more game-centric, not simply having an economic model first and then a game. Compared to traditional games, blockchain rewards and fairness offer greater flexibility and development potential.


2. What are Arcade Galaxy’s short or mid-term goals (KPIs)?

Our current goal is to enhance game functionality, creating greater gaming possibilities.


3. Regarding the game aspects, besides the upcoming multiplayer mode to be released soon, are there any other planned additions to the content?

The primary focus for future functional development is the optimization of the level editor, such as enhancing maps and tracks to create more entertainment possibilities. Also, we are attempting to create more game modes except for racing modes






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