The Airdrop Farmer’s Guide: What, Why and How

Airdrop Farming


  • Airdrop farming allows you to earn free crypto tokens by engaging with early-stage projects.
  • Projects use airdrops to promote themselves, attract investors, and boost market value.
  • To maximize your airdrop farming success, research projects, complete tasks, and remain active in their communities.


Discover the essentials of airdrop farming in the crypto world: what it is, why it’s beneficial, and how to get started. Learn to maximize your chances of receiving airdropped tokens.




Many new investors hope to catch the wave of the cryptocurrency world and earn some income. However, the high entry barrier, numerous specialized terms, and significant volatility of cryptocurrencies make many hesitant to jump in.


The commonly mentioned “airdrop farming” in the crypto world is actually one of the lowest-cost and easiest ways to start from scratch as an investor. In simple terms, if you contribute to a project in its early stages, you have a chance to receive native tokens once the project goes live. Naturally, the more interactions you participate in, the more tokens you might receive.


For users, if these airdropped tokens increase in value, it can be seen as an “investment without cost.” Even if the airdropped tokens don’t increase in value, there’s no loss (assuming the project is not a scam), making it a popular method among investors.


But how exactly do you do it?


  1. Set Up a Crypto Wallet: The first step to participating in crypto airdrops is to have a Web3 wallet compatible with the blockchain where the project is based.
  2. Research and Meet Airdrop Requirements: Crypto projects will post airdrop-related tasks and requirements on their official website or social platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Discord groups. These tasks might include following their X account, staking a specific amount of Ethereum on-chain, or reaching a certain level of activity in their Discord group. Essentially, you need to be an active user of the airdrop project to increase your chances of receiving the airdrop.
  3. Claim Airdrop Tokens: Projects usually schedule airdrops at specific times. Some projects will directly airdrop tokens to users’ wallets, while others might require users to sign with their personal wallet or provide their wallet address. During this step, it’s crucial to follow the correct procedures and carefully check to avoid scams.
  4. Manage Airdrop Tokens: After receiving airdrop tokens, managing and using them is also important. Depending on the project’s future roadmap, users can choose to hold, use, or sell the tokens. Therefore, it’s best to carefully evaluate the project’s credibility, future potential, and market value before making a decision. Additionally, many projects require airdrop accounts to be “active accounts.” This means having a history of on-chain activities, such as transactions and staking, can increase your chances of successfully receiving airdrops.




  • Effective Promotion

Airdrops directly distribute assets or rights to users without affecting the normal use of their wallets. These assets do not take up space and can be easily organized and stored long-term.

For users, receiving new assets piques curiosity, leading them to explore, invest, or engage with the project. Even if they sell the assets, they gain a clear understanding of their value, an effect traditional promotions can’t achieve.


  • Wider Reach and Investor Base

Airdrops also serve as a smart financing method. They can bring more attention, wider distribution, and a larger potential investor base to a quality product, attracting more capital to the project’s digital asset market.

For ordinary investors, directly owning tokens is more appealing than annoying advertisements, making them more likely to participate.


  • Win-Win Scenario

Airdrops for listed tokens benefit both the project team and the exchanges. They attract market attention to the tokens and the exchanges, boosting market value and trading volume, creating mutual benefits.

For new projects, distributing tokens via airdrops is like “sowing seeds widely,” establishing an impressive debut and letting the market set the token’s price.




Take a recent popular mini-game on the TON blockchain, Catizen, as an example.


First, visit the official website and find the project’s future roadmap. It clearly states that airdrop tokens are planned for the second quarter of 2024, and NFTs and a staking system will follow in the third quarter. This indicates it’s a project worth farming.

airdrop farming

(source: Catizen)


The official sources have indicated that they will airdrop to users who test the game. However, neither the official website nor their social platforms like X have provided detailed airdrop rules.


From the official Twitter messages, it seems that “daily check-ins” and “wallet linking” are likely future airdrop task requirements.



On April 29, 2024, the official announcement stated that the game will raise the maximum level of cats to 450, indicating that many early players have already reached the current cap.


So, if players want to farm this project’s airdrop, they can currently:


  • Create a personal TON blockchain wallet (or the wallet compatible with the project’s blockchain).
  • Link the wallet to the game.
  • Follow the project’s social platforms (including X, Telegram, etc.).
  • Complete daily in-game tasks as much as possible.
  • Level up in the game as much as possible.
  • Purchase tokens (though without specific task details, it’s okay to skip paid actions).


In summary, interacting with the game and community as much as possible can increase your chances of receiving future airdrops. Of course, within your capabilities, managing multiple accounts can yield even more airdrop tokens.


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