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Catizen : Cute Cats, Gamefi & Free Airdrop



  • Catizen evolves from a Telegram mini-game to a full-fledged blockchain metaverse project, offering a unique "Play-to-Airdrop" model in the GameFi sector.
  • Players can engage in various activities like feeding cats, breeding, and fishing, expanding their virtual cat kingdom while earning potential token airdrops.
  • Backed by major institutions, Catizen aims to transform the GameFi industry by leveraging the TON ecosystem, offering a free and accessible gaming experience.


Catizen: Where cute cats meet blockchain gaming! Dive into this innovative GameFi project on TON blockchain. Feed, breed, and play with virtual cats while earning free airdrops. No investment needed – just bring your love for felines!




Attention Cat Lovers! A Game Combining Cute Pets, Metaverse, and Blockchain is Taking the Crypto World by Storm!


Catizen is a blockchain GameFi project created by David Mak and Pierce Tam, co-founders of Pluto Studio.


  1. Pluto Studio, established in early 2024, specializes in connecting Web2 games with Web3.
  2. Catizen originated as a cat-themed mini-game on the instant messaging app Telegram.
  3. Through iterations, Catizen has evolved into Pluto’s first blockchain metaverse project.


Catizen is not just an ordinary pet-raising game. It cleverly integrates metaverse, GameFi, and AI technologies, creating a unique “Play-to-Airdrop” gameplay.


Built on the TON blockchain, Players can feed cats, breed new varieties, and even go fishing in this virtual world! Every interaction expands your personal cat kingdom.


The most attractive feature is that Catizen makes the concept of “play-to-earn” more accessible. You don’t need to invest any funds; just invest your time and enthusiasm for a chance to receive token airdrops. This free and fun way of earning has undoubtedly brought a breath of fresh air to the GameFi sector.


According to a “Catizen tweet”, Catizen‘s mission is to fundamentally transform the GameFi industry by leveraging the vibrant TON ecosystem. The game has received substantial investment and widespread support from renowned institutions such as TON, Web3 Ventures, Mask Network, Y2Z, SecondLive, EMURGO Ventures, Moon Capital, and Initiate Capital.


▶ Check out more info at: Catizen Official Website






Step 1: First, make sure you have Telegram installed on your phone.


Step 2: Next, join Catizen on your phone’s Telegram through an invitation link.



Step 3: Once in the Telegram chat, click “Play Game” to enter the game.


Step 4: At the start of the game, you will receive 12 empty cat beds, meaning you can raise 12 cats. Click the cat button in the center to purchase cats.



Step 5: The initial cats are level one. You can upgrade their level by combining two cats of the same level. The higher the cat’s level, the faster they earn coins.


Step 6: As the level increases, more cats become available in the shop. Click the “Feed” button to see the types of cats you can currently buy. Notably, high-level free cats occasionally appear in the shop, so don’t miss out.



Additionally, meme frogs and Shiba Inus will appear randomly in the game. Clicking them can reward you with cats, cat coin airdrops, and other prizes.


Step 7: To speed up your coin earnings, you can earn Fish coins to buy accelerators. There are several ways to get Fish coins:


  1. Complete the Quests at the top to earn Fish coins.
  2. Fishing: Players can earn Fish coins, gold coins, and other rewards while fishing.
  3. Purchase Fish coins with TON coins. However, it’s advisable not to invest too much TON in this game; completing daily sign-in tasks is generally sufficient.



Step 8: To receive airdrops, make sure to link your Ton Space, which will connect your Telegram wallet and ensure you receive the airdrops.


  • Catizen Tokens


In the Catizen game, there are two types of tokens:


  1. $CATS: Presented in the form of cat paws.
  2. $Fish: Used for purchasing enhancements and upgrades.


The more cats you merge, the higher the mining speed of $CATS tokens and the higher the cat’s level. The mining speed is displayed in the green window on the main screen.


Currently, the airdrop token is $CATI, determined by the number of people you invite and three other token quantities. Note that the official team has not confirmed whether $CATI can be redeemed.




As TON has recently become a major focus in the crypto world, with the market showing great optimism, all players participating in the game are eagerly anticipating future rewards in the form of free cryptocurrency. Many are investing heavily to become top players in the game, aiming to receive the largest amount of airdrops.


Blockchain development is gradually unfolding around us, increasingly integrating into familiar usage scenarios. Do you have Telegram? Click this link to start the game, open your wallet, and raise cats together. Relieve stress and be a part of this groundbreaking gaming revolution!


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