Crypto Influencers: Influencing Or Pretending? Use TweetScout to Find Out!



  • Assess Influence with Precision: TweetScout provides influence scores by analyzing follower quality and quantity, highlighting the most influential crypto figures on X.
  • Monitor and Manage: You can monitor up to 15 accounts for free with TweetScout, with options to upgrade for more extensive tracking and deeper insights.
  • Detect and Analyze Trends: Utilize features like the graphical display of follower trends and new followers feed to detect unusual activities and understand market movements.


Want to know who’s faking it? Here’s TweetScout, the go-to tool for verifying authenticity and evaluating the influence of X accounts in the crypto community.


Recently, social media has been abuzz with TweetScout, a scoring website for X (formerly Twitter) accounts. By simply entering an user’s X handle, you can obtain a corresponding influence score. According to the website, the score takes into account the number and influence of well-known crypto personalities, project members, and analysts among the account’s followers. The greater the influence, the higher the TweetScout score.


Moreover, last month, social media influencer @iamyourchaos tweeted on X that many project teams use this scoring site to evaluate the influence of influencers because too many of them buy followers:


“Generally, scores below 100 are not considered.


So, everyone should try to improve their scores. Here are two ways to do it:


  1. Find a way to get noticed by project sponsors or internationally recognized influencers.
  2. Produce authentic, high-quality content.”


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According to TweetScout data, the global top 100 crypto influencers include:







On another note, many users might be curious about how to check their account score. You can start by entering either the handle or a direct link to the X account in the search field on the main page.


Detailed Account Insights




Once you search for an account, you will see a detailed page that includes basic information like the account’s creation date and activity, as well as an option to add this account to your watchlist. You can monitor up to 15 accounts for free, and if you need more, you can upgrade to a paid subscription.


Analyzing Influence and Engagement




The scoring system on TweetScout reflects an account’s crypto community engagement. As mentioned earlier, a high score indicates significant influence. Additionally, the graphical display of follower trends can help you spot any unusual spikes that might indicate fraudulent activity.


Interactive and Advanced Features


TweetScout also offers interactive features such as a new followers feed, allowing you to identify trends or connections between new follows and market movements. For more in-depth analysis, it displays previous handles and associated wallets, providing insights into an account’s history and authenticity.


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