5 NFT Projects to Watch in July 2024

5 NFT Projects to Watch


  • Abstract is developing a new Ethereum L2 blockchain, while Ubisoft's Champions Tactics introduces a Web3 tactical RPG with a 75,000 NFT series on Oasys.
  • PROFILES offers customizable digital fashion NFTs on Solana, and UniTap aims to connect Tap Protocol, BRC-20, and Runes on Bitcoin with an OG Pass release.
  • Chooky Records brings music NFTs to the blockchain, offering holders revenue sharing and exclusive perks through its marketplace on the BASE Network.


NFT trends in July 2024: Abstract’s blockchain, Ubisoft’s Champions Tactics, PROFILES digital fashion, UniTap’s DeFi, and Chooky Records’ music NFTs.


In the last week of June, Ethereum blue-chip NFT projects saw a rebound. CryptoPunks surged by 24%, BAYC by up to 30%, Pudgy Penguins by up to 50%, and Azuki by up to 35%. Solana’s top project, Mad Lads, also rose by 40%, while leading Bitcoin projects NodeMonkes and Bitcoin Puppets both increased by over 20%.


Is this a sign that NFTs have bottomed out? CoinRank believes it’s too early to pop the champagne. However, let’s look ahead to July to see which NFT projects are worth our attention.


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Frame, an NFT Layer 2 chain, had been quiet since extending its airdrop pre-claim period on January 30. Recently, it was announced that Igloo, the parent company of Pudgy Penguins, has acquired the Frame team. This team will now focus on developing the new Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain called Abstract, which marks a shift from enhancing creator tools to broad consumer engagement and large-scale crypto adoption.


Abstract is set to enforce protocol-level royalties to protect creators’ rights, leveraging its consumer-focused blockchain powered by ZK cryptography. With the backing of Igloo and the innovative push from the former Frame team, there is significant anticipation around Abstract’s potential to innovate in consumer adoption.



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From gaming powerhouse Ubisoft, Champions Tactics emerges as a Web3 multiplayer tactical RPG. This evolution in gaming leverages blockchain to deepen player engagement. Following their free mint of Warlords, Ubisoft is set to launch Champions, with a substantial series size of 75,000, requiring players to strategically form three-person squads.


This series will be minted on the Oasys network, with initial offerings on July 15 for Warlords holders and a broader release on July 18. The beta test kicks off on July 4, showcasing the game’s rich strategic gameplay and blockchain integration, which allows for unique player governance and ownership through NFTs.





PROFILES is a PFP series and digital fashion ecosystem created by MONKEEMOTO, the inaugural Digital Artist in Residence at Adidas. This platform enables users to express their individuality through extensive customization of their digital personas with a variety of digital wearables. Users can personalize their PFPs with apparel assets such as hoods, jackets, eyewear, and headgear, enhancing their style and creativity within the community.


By staking their PROFILES PFPs, users receive quarterly drops of new “clothing packs,” allowing continuous refreshment of their digital wardrobe. These packs not only reflect the latest fashion trends but also include exclusive items from collaborations with renowned artists and brands.


Set to launch on Solana, the release is anticipated for early July, with details on minting prices still to be announced.





UniTap aims to bridge the gap between the Tap Protocol (an enhanced version of the BRC-20 protocol previously developed by TRAC), BRC-20, and Runes, supporting the mapping of Tap Protocol tokens to BRC-20 and Runes with seamless swaps among them. They will release an OG Pass with a total supply of 3000 on July 3, priced at 0.0049 Bitcoin per pass.


Holders will receive 592 official tokens airdropped in the future (296 on Tap Protocol and 296 on Runes) and will enjoy exemption from platform fees. This initiative marks a significant milestone in decentralized finance on Bitcoin L1, positioning UniTap as a central hub for TAP DeFi, addressing the need for more user-friendly platforms and basic tooling to facilitate interactions with the TAP ecosystem.





Chooky Records is an on-chain music NFT project and record label that has already made a significant impact with its first song in collaboration with Busta Rhymes, achieving 1.5 million plays on Spotify. They have also established partnerships with Disney’s Hulu and Ticketmaster. The Chooky NFT Marketplace offers holders benefits like trading signed digital autographs and accessing royalty fees.


Additionally, it hosts giveaways of exclusive items and experiences, ensuring active community engagement. NFT holders enjoy a 10% share of music and IP merchandise sales revenue, facilitated by the marketplace on the L2 BASE Network to ensure low transaction costs.



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