Notcoin Partners with Helika to Launch Telegram Gaming Accelerator

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  • Notcoin and Helika announce partnership to create Telegram Gaming Accelerator
  • Initiative aims to support developers building crypto-backed games on Telegram


In a strategic move to foster the growing ecosystem of crypto-backed Telegram games, Notcoin teams up with AI-powered analytics firm Helika to establish an incubator for innovative mini apps on the messaging platform.


Notcoin, the viral Telegram-based game, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Helika, a leading AI-powered analytics firm, to launch a Telegram Gaming Accelerator. This initiative marks Notcoin’s most significant step yet in its evolution from a popular sensation to a cornerstone of the burgeoning ecosystem of crypto-backed mini apps on Telegram.



The accelerator program, set to launch soon, will focus on nurturing the development of mini apps within Telegram, the widely-used messaging platform with over 900 million users. These apps will be built on The Open Network (TON), Telegram’s preferred blockchain network.


Anton Umnov, co-founder and CEO of Helika, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This is a major milestone for Helika to support our current and future customers building on Telegram. Helika sees a massive opportunity for game studios of all sizes to capitalize on global user acquisition and engage with their users at a deeper level.”


The Telegram Gaming Accelerator aims to assist developers in creating games that follow a proven and enticing model: offering simple gameplay to Telegram’s vast user base, followed by rewards in the form of real cryptocurrency token airdrops. This strategy has already demonstrated its potential with Notcoin’s success.


Notcoin’s journey serves as an inspiring example for aspiring developers. Following its launch and subsequent airdrop for players in May, the NOT token quickly achieved a market capitalization exceeding $2 billion. Although it has since stabilized at around $1.3 billion, the game’s rapid growth underscores the immense potential within the Telegram gaming ecosystem.


By leveraging Helika’s AI-powered analytics capabilities, the accelerator program intends to provide developers with valuable insights and tools to optimize their games for success on the Telegram platform. This collaboration is expected to drive innovation and attract more developers to create engaging, crypto-backed experiences for Telegram’s global user base.


As the crypto gaming landscape continues to evolve, the Notcoin and Helika partnership represents a significant step towards fostering a new generation of blockchain-based games on one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms.





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