3 Cute TON Mini-Games and Airdrop Updates

3 Ton Mini Games


  • Hamster Kombat, a Tap-to-Earn game with over 100 million users, plans to launch a token airdrop in July based on players' in-game performance.
  • Catizen, the top-ranked TON ecosystem app, offers a cat-raising game with plans to airdrop 42% of its tokens to players based on rankings and social scores.
  • PixelTap reached 15 million users in a month and announced a $10 million airdrop, with additional rewards for top inviters.


A look at 3 cute TON mini-games: Hamster Kombat, Catizen, and PixelTap. Discover their gameplay, user bases, and potential airdrop opportunities on the TON chain.


The crypto community has been buzzing with excitement over the recent success of Notcoin, a Tap-to-Earn game on Telegram. The simple screen-tapping game’s profitability has sparked our imaginations, revealing the vast potential of the TON blockchain. While Notcoin’s coin-generating heyday has passed, the ecosystem continues to offer many engaging opportunities. For those who would like to learn more about TON blockchain’s development and technical details, you can check out this article or visit the official TON website for in-depth information.


In this article, we’ll focus on 3 free TON mini-games that are easy to start and require minimal effort!


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3 Ton Mini Games


A Tap-to-Earn mini-game that has surpassed 100 million users and will soon launch a token airdrop to reward its players, making it one of the most popular games currently. Players take on the role of a cryptocurrency exchange CEO and can upgrade various crypto skills by simply tapping on the screen to earn coins, which boost daily earnings. Additional rewards include inviting friends and unlocking daily Morse code tasks, making the gameplay simple and enjoyable.


The official Twitter account has nearly 9 million followers, and the Telegram following exceeds 40 million, very impressive. The official YouTube channel also actively broadcasts crypto news, with over 25 million subscribers.



Airdrop Highlights:


  • Hamster Kombat will issue tokens in July and launch its first token airdrop to players.
  • With game participants exceeding the peak of Notcoin by three times, market expectations are high.
  • Given Notcoin’s rapid listing on the Binance exchange, a similar success story is anticipated.


It’s important to note that the official will determine the airdrop quantity based on users’ profit per hour and other game parameters, not just the number of coins, motivating players to stay active in the game.




3 Ton Mini Games


Developed by Pluto Studio, which specializes in releasing Web 3.0 mini-games, Catizen ranks FIRST in the TON ecosystem apps, with an undisclosed funding amount.


The game is simple: instead of furiously tapping the screen, players raise cats. How cute is that? Each player can raise up to 12 cats, merging identical cats to level up and increase earnings. Players earn cat coins by raising cats and can also gain rewards through simple payments or inviting friends. A mutual aid mode has been added recently, allowing players to earn game tokens FishCoins and social scores xZEN with friends’ help, making the gameplay very heartwarming (and you don’t even have to worry about allergies).


The official Twitter account has 1.7 million followers, and the player count has surpassed 20 million, with up to 500,000 paying users, a direct indicator of high popularity.



Airdrop Highlights:


  • Catizen has announced that 42% of the tokens will be airdropped to players, a relatively high percentage, based on in-game performance rankings and social scores.
  • Multiple TON ecosystem-related institutions have invested, including TON Foundation, Web3.com Ventures, and Mask Network.
  • Different from Tap-to-Earn gameplay, it may spark another wave of popularity.


This game is worth participating in, as it does not require constant screen tapping and provides a therapeutic experience. Don’t miss out, but remember to connect your TON wallet to receive the airdrop.




3 Ton Mini Games


Having reached 15 million users within a month, PixelTap is a Tap-to-Earn mini-game available as both a Telegram and online game.


PixelTap is simple: earn tokens by tapping and continuously purchase bots to upgrade daily coin earnings. Players can also challenge other bots for real-time battles, and winning earns more PIXFI tokens. Additional rewards include daily sign-ins and invitation bonuses.


The online game currently offers limited content. After creating a character, players can feed pets daily and undertake quests on the PixelVerse Dashboard to earn points, mostly involving social media tasks.


The official Twitter account has 1.9 million followers, and the game has surpassed 26 million players, making it another rapidly popular TON game.



Airdrop Highlights:


  • Pixelverse announced in April an airdrop of $10 million in $PIXFI tokens to the community.
  • It has received a $5.5 million investment from web3 institutions such as Delphi Ventures, Merit Circle, and Mechanism Capital.
  • There is also an ongoing invitation reward draw. Players ranked in the top 500 inviters from June 17 to June 23 can draw a prize of $220,000, demonstrating a very generous approach.




Until this year, the TON ecosystem was meh, as the market seemed to lack interest in a communication software’s cross-industry venture. However, backed by a strong user community, the TON ecosystem has a different starting point from other crypto ecosystems, even far ahead of its competitors. The development team has also considered Telegram’s user base in their technology, developing a high-performance TON chain. This year, the TON chain has achieved over a thousand-fold growth in TVL, which is quite impressive.


Given the recent craze, TON has successfully attracted significant market attention. Through simple interactions, it has integrated web3, finance, and social elements, creating a unique new gameplay. This trend is not likely to end soon and may extend to other TON applications, making us very optimistic about the upcoming bull market in the TON ecosystem!


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