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Hamster Kombat: Your Chance to Own a Crypto Exchange

Hamster Kombat


  • Unique Gameplay: Tap your hamster avatar to earn coins and strategically upgrade your exchange for higher profits.
  • Social Interaction: Invite friends for rewards and engage in daily quests to boost your coin balance significantly.
  • Future Updates: Look forward to TGE on TON in July, new features in Q3, and strategic airdrops based on hourly profits.


Hamster Kombat transforms you into a hamster CEO of a crypto exchange. Tap to earn coins, upgrade your exchange, and enjoy rich social elements and creative tasks. Join the fun on Telegram!




Imagine suddenly transforming into a tiny naked hamster, only to unexpectedly sign a contract as the CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange. This is the intriguing premise of “Hamster Kombat,” a game that has taken Telegram’s mini-apps by storm. It’s not just another idle game; it’s a clever fusion of crypto elements and addictive gameplay that has created a fascinating virtual world.



The core mechanic is delightfully simple: tap your naked hamster avatar to generate in-game currency. But the real challenge and fun lie in strategically growing your small exchange into a crypto powerhouse. Players need to invest wisely in various exchange upgrades to boost hourly profits. This design ingeniously simulates the strategy and challenges of running a real-world crypto exchange.


However, “Hamster Kombat” offers much more than just tapping. The game incorporates rich social elements and creative tasks, providing players with diverse ways to earn coins. Inviting friends to join this hamster frenzy not only expands your influence but also brings substantial in-game rewards.


Daily quests are a highlight that players eagerly anticipate. Decoding Morse code hidden in YouTube videos or cleverly combining specific daily upgrades can significantly boost your coin balance. These tasks not only enrich the gaming experience but have also sparked creativity within the player community. Content creators and websites have joined the fray, publishing daily videos and blog posts sharing solution strategies, forming a vibrant “Hamster Kombat” ecosystem.


The rewards are enticing: successfully cracking the daily code nets you 1 million game coins, while completing the daily card combination earns a whopping 5 million coins for upgrades. These generous rewards keep players hooked and highlight the game’s strategic and competitive aspects.


The success of “Hamster Kombat” perhaps indicates that cryptocurrency concepts are penetrating mainstream life in a more relaxed and accessible way. Through adorable hamster characters and creative game mechanics, it has successfully transformed complex crypto concepts into an entertaining experience that anyone can understand and enjoy.


Whether you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast or simply a fan of cute animal games, “Hamster Kombat” offers unexpected fun for everyone. Are you ready to begin your journey from a naked hamster to a crypto mogul? Your hamster empire awaits your leadership!


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To enjoy the fun of Hamster Kombat, you first need to download the Telegram application. Then, visit the Official Hamster Kombat account and click Play to start the game.


  • Ways to Earn Points


In Hamster Kombat, a player’s exchange level is determined by the balance of game coins (points), with a total of 9 levels. There are various ways to earn coins in the game, including:


  1. Basic Gameplay


You can earn coins by simply tapping on the hamsters on the screen. Each tap earns you one coin.


  1. Spending Points to Use Boost Functions


If tapping the screen feels too slow, you can spend coins to use upgrade functions. By clicking the Boost button at the bottom right corner, you can:

– Purchase the Multitap feature: Earn more coins with each tap.

– Purchase the Energy Limit feature: Increase your energy capacity, allowing for longer gameplay.



  1. Mining Mode


Hamster Kombat also features a mining mechanism for passive income. Players can collect coins by purchasing or upgrading cards. These cards provide passive income over time. Recently, Hamster Kombat introduced a card fusion feature, allowing you to earn even more points by combining cards.



  1. Inviting Friends


Inviting friends to join the game also offers generous point rewards. For each user you invite, regular Telegram users can earn 2,000 points, while Telegram Premium users can earn 25,000 points. The invited users also receive points.


  1. Daily Check-In


Daily check-ins also reward you with points. Additionally, the rewards increase with consecutive check-ins within a natural month. Be sure to check in daily to keep the points flowing.

Hamster Kombat offers various fun ways to earn points, helping you continuously upgrade your exchange level in the game. Whether it’s tapping hamsters, using boost functions, mining, or inviting friends, there’s a method for everyone. Download Telegram now and start your Hamster Kombat adventure!






In addition to the current game content, Hamster Kombat has exciting plans for future updates according to their roadmap. In July, they will launch the Token Generation Event (TGE) for their token on the TON public blockchain. Moreover, new features such as Squad Kombat and character skin changes are set to be added in Q3.


Similar to Notcoin, after the token launch, Hamster Kombat will distribute airdrops to users. However, it’s important to note that the number of airdrop tokens users receive will be based on their hourly profit and other future activities, rather than the balance of their coins. Therefore, maximizing mining profits will be crucial for receiving more airdrop tokens in the future.


This means players should focus on optimizing their strategies and upgrading their mining capabilities to ensure they achieve the highest possible hourly profits. By doing so, they can secure a larger share of the airdrop tokens when they are distributed. Stay tuned for these exciting updates and prepare to enhance your Hamster Kombat experience!


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