Telegram’s Hamster Kombat: A Gateway to Blockchain for Millions



  • Hamster Kombat attracts 239 million users in three months, gaining 4-5 million new users daily.
  • Game to introduce blockchain benefits to hundreds of millions through TON token minting.


Pavel Durov, Telegram CEO, highlights the explosive growth of Hamster Kombat, a tap-to-earn game that has amassed 239 million users in just three months, setting the stage for widespread blockchain adoption.


In a recent announcement, Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, has shed light on the unprecedented success of Hamster Kombat, a tap-to-earn game that has taken the digital world by storm. The game, which allows players to role-play as hamster CEOs of cryptocurrency exchanges, has amassed a staggering 239 million users in just three months since its launch.



Hamster Kombat leverages Telegram’s mini-app protocol, introduced in 2020, but only recently gained significant traction with the rise of tap-to-earn projects. Durov emphasized the game’s rapid adoption, noting that it reached 100 million users in a mere 73 days, making it the “fastest-growing digital service in the world.”


The game’s popularity extends beyond mere entertainment, as Durov sees it as a pivotal gateway for introducing blockchain technology to a massive user base. He stated on his Telegram channel, “Soon, Hamster’s team will mint its token on TON, introducing the benefits of blockchain to hundreds of millions of people.”


This development marks a significant milestone in the intersection of messaging apps, gaming, and blockchain technology. Durov expressed his enthusiasm, declaring, “A new era is arriving, and we are witnessing its arrival in real-time.”


However, the game’s widespread adoption has not been without controversy. In Iran, authorities have labeled Hamster Kombat as a “soft war” instrument used by Western powers against the country’s theocracy. Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, deputy chief of Iran’s military, has described the game as a distraction aimed at Iranians, particularly in light of upcoming presidential elections.


Despite these concerns, the anticipation for Hamster Kombat’s blockchain integration continues to grow. While the exact date for the game’s token airdrop remains unannounced, some platforms have already begun offering pre-market trading options.


As Telegram’s Hamster Kombat paves the way for millions to experience blockchain technology firsthand, it stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of digital engagement and the potential for widespread crypto adoption through innovative gaming experiences.


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