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PixelTap: New Revolutionizing GameFi on Telegram



  • PixelTap offers easy crypto earning through tapping, PvP battles, and friend invites, attracting over 15 million users in just one month.
  • Pixelverse, the team behind PixelTap, secured $5.5 million in funding from major investors, showcasing strong confidence in their Web3 gaming platform.
  • PixelTap's upcoming $PIXFI token and $10 million airdrop promise to transform accumulated game points into real cryptocurrency rewards.


Discover PixelTap, the innovative GameFi by Pixelverse on Telegram’s TON blockchain. Earn crypto through simple taps, PvP battles, and more. Join 15M+ users in this promising Web3 gaming venture.




Are you tired of complex blockchain game operations? Enter PixelTap! This mobile GameFi, launched by the renowned game team PixelVerse, is set to introduce you to a world where earning cryptocurrency is as simple as it is exciting.


Imagine accumulating wealth with just a tap of your finger. Sounds like a fantasy? In the world of PixelTap, it’s reality! Cleverly built on the TON blockchain via Telegram, this game allows you to start your journey to riches without the hassle of wallet registration.


But don’t think PixelTap is just a monotonous clicking game. Beyond the simple continuous tapping gameplay, you can invite friends to team up or challenge other players in thrilling PvP battles to earn even more points. Every 8 hours, you can reap the rewards of your diligent tapping, watching your points grow steadily. The sense of achievement is truly addictive!


Even more exciting is the grand plan revealed in PixelVerse’s whitepaper. They’re about to launch their own token, $PIXFI, and have promised an airdrop worth a staggering $10 million! This means every point you accumulate now could potentially transform into real money in the future. No wonder some say PixelTap isn’t just a game, but an investment opportunity with unlimited potential!


If you’ve already played Notcoin, Hamster Kombat, or TapSwap on Telegram, you’ll definitely fall in love with PixelTap. It not only inherits the essence of these games but also incorporates many innovative elements, making the gaming experience even richer and more colorful.


So, are you ready to start your PixelTap journey? Remember, in this magical GameFi world, every tap could be the key to fortune. Join us and harvest wealth amidst the fun!


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Who are the masterminds behind PixelTap‘s development team, Pixelverse?


Pixelverse is not just a game development team, but an ambitious Web3 gaming platform. Their goal? Not merely to develop games, but to revolutionize the rules of Web3 gaming altogether.


This ambition is far from empty talk. Pixelverse recently secured an eye-watering $5.5 million in funding. The lineup of lead investors is nothing short of stellar: industry giants Delphi Ventures and Merit Circle, along with James Kwon, the former CEO of gaming powerhouse Nexon. Such a formidable investment roster undoubtedly highlights the investors’ unwavering confidence in Pixelverse’s ability to disrupt the market.


Moreover, industry luminaries like Sébastien Borget, the founder of The Sandbox, have also joined the investment round, further cementing Pixelverse’s leadership position in the Web3 gaming sphere.


The performance of Pixelverse’s flagship product, PixelTap, is equally impressive. The game attracted over 15 million users in just one month since its launch. This explosive growth not only proves PixelTap‘s appeal but also demonstrates the Pixelverse team’s keen insight into market demands.


With such strong backing and remarkable market performance, PixelTap‘s future development is undoubtedly promising.






Getting Started with Pixeltap

  1. Download the Telegram app.
  2. Visit the official account and click “Fight” to start the game.


  • How to Earn Coins?


Similar to Notcoin, players can continuously earn coins in Pixeltap by tapping the yellow coins on the screen. However, new players can initially earn a maximum of 288,000 coins.


  • Four Ways to Earn More Coins


  1. Buying and Upgrading Bots (Virtual Pets):

Pixeltap allows players to purchase and upgrade their virtual pets within the game. These pets can increase the maximum number of coins players can earn daily.



  1. Engaging in PvP Battles:

Pixeltap enables real-time bot battles between players. The winner earns coin rewards, while the loser gets penalized and loses coins. To increase the chances of winning, players can upgrade their bots by spending coins.



  1. Inviting Friends:

Pixeltap also rewards users for inviting friends to play. The specific rules are:

  ▶ For each invited regular Telegram user, you earn 2,000 coins.

  ▶ For each invited premium Telegram user, you earn 10,000 coins.

  ▶ You can earn a 5% commission on the coins earned by the users you invite and 1% of the coins they earn in their first three days.



  1. Daily Missions:

In the mission center, players can earn rewards by completing various tasks daily, such as inviting friends and liking official tweets.






Following the successful airdrop of the free mining game “Notcoin” on Telegram, an increasing number of projects are joining the tap to earn trend. This success has made TON blockchain games a new target for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The $5.5 million funding received by Pixelverse is a clear indicator of the growing confidence institutional investors have in these types of games. This investment highlights the potential and increasing valuation of tap to earn games in the eyes of both players and investors.


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