Crypto Pre-drink: July 8, 2024

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  • $350M token unlocks in July raise market concerns.
  • Tether invests in decentralized AI to enhance privacy.
  • Jump Crypto offers a $1M bug bounty for Solana’s Firedancer.


In the Crypto Pre-drink, we serve up a daily shot of the hottest crypto news and market insights to fuel your investment decisions.


$350M Token Unlocks in July

In July, the crypto market faces significant fluctuations as $350M worth of tokens are set to unlock. This massive influx could impact token prices and market dynamics, prompting investors to stay cautious.



Tether’s Investment in Decentralized AI

Tether’s CEO announced a strategic investment in decentralized AI models, focusing on enhancing user privacy. This move aligns with Tether’s vision to fortify data security within the crypto ecosystem, potentially setting new standards for privacy in financial transactions.



Jump Crypto’s Bug Bounty for Solana

Jump Crypto launched a $1 million bug bounty program for Solana’s new validator client, Firedancer. Running from July 10th to August 21st, the program aims to identify and resolve potential vulnerabilities, bolstering the security and efficiency of Solana’s blockchain. Hosted by Immunefi, this initiative underscores the importance of community-driven security efforts in maintaining robust blockchain networks.




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