Tether CEO Announces Investment in Decentralized AI Models to Boost Privacy

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Tether's CEO Paolo Ardoino emphasizes the importance of decentralized AI models to ensure user privacy and independence.


Tether’s CEO Paolo Ardoino emphasizes the importance of decentralized AI models to ensure user privacy and independence, following concerns over a potential OpenAI cyber attack.


In a recent announcement, Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino revealed the company’s strategic investment in decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) models, aimed at enhancing user privacy and independence. This move comes amid concerns over a suspected cyber attack on OpenAI, as hinted by Ardoino in a tweet. He believes that locally executable AI models could have prevented such incidents by ensuring data privacy and system resilience.



According to Ardoino, a hacker gained access to OpenAI’s internal messaging systems and stole AI technology designs. The incident, which reportedly occurred early last year, was kept confidential by OpenAI, with executives deeming it non-threatening due to the absence of customer or partner data theft. Ardoino argues that decentralized AI, which can be executed locally on personal devices, is crucial for protecting user privacy and maintaining system independence.


Locally executable AI models are the only way to protect people privacy and ensure resilience / independence,” Ardoino stated. He further noted that modern smartphones and laptops possess sufficient computational power to fine-tune large language models (LLMs) using user data, allowing enhancements to be stored locally on the device.


Tether’s commitment to decentralized AI is part of its broader strategy to leverage advanced technologies for user privacy and control. The company has already invested over $1 billion in AI, including significant investments in firms like the Northern Data Group. Ardoino mentioned that Tether’s investment in AI aims to create models that operate on personal devices, thereby reducing the need for intermediaries in sectors such as finance, communication, and education.


Moreover, Tether is exploring brain-computer interface technology to maintain human uniqueness and enhance cognitive abilities. This initiative aligns with the company’s goal of utilizing cutting-edge technology to empower users and protect their privacy.


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Decentralized AI is emerging as a critical solution within the Web3 space, addressing the limitations of traditional, centralized AI models that are often controlled by large corporations. By decentralizing AI, Tether aims to offer more secure and private computing solutions, aligning with the principles of blockchain technology.


In an interview last month, Ardoino emphasized Tether’s focus on decentralization through blockchain and AI. He believes that by reducing intermediaries and enhancing privacy, decentralized AI can transform various industries and offer significant benefits to users.




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