6 Key Things You Must Know Before the Potential Approval of the Ethereum ETF

6 Key Things You Must Know Before the Potential Approval of the Ethereum ETF


  1. Ethereum Spot ETF announcement expected early on May 24; slight delays possible.
  2. Check SEC's official website for the earliest announcement updates.
  3. If approved, ETH's price may surge past its previous high of $4800.


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Ethereum Spot ETF announcement anticipated on May 24, with high approval chances. Find updates on SEC’s website. Market impact and price effects analyzed.


1. When Will the Ethereum Spot ETF Be Announced?


The big news is expected to drop between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM UTC+8 on May 24. However, there could be a delay of one or two hours.



2. Where Can You Find the Announcement First?


Head straight to the SEC’s official website, which has a dedicated page for announcements: sec.gov/rules.


3. Is the Approval of the Ethereum Spot ETF Guaranteed?


Not necessarily. While nothing is 100% certain, the chances of approval through the 19b-4 process are pretty high, possibly over 80%.


4. What Impact Will the Approval of the ETF Have on the Market?


It will undoubtedly be a positive event. Look at how the market reacted when the BTC spot ETF was approved—it should be quite similar.


5. What Will Happen to the Price of ETH if the ETF is Approved?


It’s hard to say for sure, but there’s about a 99% chance that ETH will break its previous high of 4800. However, whether this will happen immediately after approval remains uncertain.


6. What If the ETF Is Not Approved?


Based on a poll I conducted yesterday, around 60% believe it will be approved. If it isn’t, the market might lose about 60% of the recent gains. In a worst-case scenario, prices could revert to their previous levels.


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