SocialFi: Where Decentralized Finance Meets Social Media and All the Thrilling Applications You Need to Know



  • Empowering Content Creators: SocialFi offers creators unprecedented control over their content, enabling them to monetize their online presence and content directly.


  • Decentralized Governance: SocialFi platforms operate on decentralized networks, ensuring that user activity is not controlled by any central authority, fostering a more transparent digital landscape.


  • Notable SocialFi Projects: Friendzone, Friend.tech, Stars Arena, and Maringo are pioneering projects in SocialFi, offering unique features and monetization opportunities for users and creators.



SocialFi, short for Social Finance, represents an innovative blend of social media networks and decentralized finance (DeFi). It’s a core component of Web3’s approach to social media, offering users unprecedented control over their content. Unlike traditional Web2 social media platforms, which are centrally governed, SocialFi operates on decentralized platforms. This shift allows users to create content freely, maintain control over their data, and explore multiple avenues for monetization through their engagement and following. 


In SocialFi platforms, governance and decision-making processes are often overseen by Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), ensuring that no central authority has control over user activity. Monetization in SocialFi is largely driven by social DeFi tokens, which can be native to the platform or other traded assets. This model also integrates digital ownership, allowing creators to use NFTs to prove identity and track digital content ownership, further enhancing the potential for monetization​​.


The rise of SocialFi has been fueled by substantial venture capital funding, with around $3 billion invested through 20 rounds since 2021, reflecting the market’s confidence in its potential. For instance, Solana Ventures launched a $100 million fund specifically for SocialFi startups​​.


SocialFi Apps



The importance of SocialFi lies in its potential to revolutionize the social media landscape. Traditional Web2 platforms often exploit user-generated content and personal data for profit, without adequately compensating the users themselves. SocialFi addresses this imbalance by empowering users and creators to monetize their online presence and content directly. This is achieved through tokenization of social assets, transforming various aspects of online influence into tradable digital assets. Furthermore, SocialFi platforms are designed with decentralized storage, reducing the risk of personal data leaks and misuse, and providing a platform for censorship-resistant content creation. However, challenges like sustainability, security breaches, and scalability are present in the SocialFi ecosystem. Despite these challenges, SocialFi is gaining traction and is viewed as a pivotal development in the evolution of social media, promoting a more equitable and transparent digital landscape​​.






FriendZone Logo


1. Friendzone: Friendzone has captured the spotlight with an ambitious project that’s garnered significant attention. With a modular protocol aimed at aggregating on-chain social graph value, Friendzone addresses a long-standing issue in the industry: users have traditionally generated billions in value but have been left out of the value equation in both Web2 and Web3 social platforms. Friendzone is built by a team of contributors and advisors previously from Synthetix, Band Protocol, Koinly, Immutable, Pendle Finance, and SparkLabs.


Polygon’s endorsement, highlighted in a recent tweet, signifies confidence in Friendzone’s potential to reshape the social media domain within the Web3 landscape. The coverage by Coindesk not only lends credibility but also shines a spotlight on Friendzone’s approach to revolutionizing social media engagement.




Friendzone is building the value accrual layer for on-chain social graphs, setting a precedent for the entire Web3 industry. With its modular and composable design, it’s positioned to enhance existing decentralized applications and integrate with the likes of Farcaster and Lens, platforms that have laid the groundwork for open protocols and decentralized social graphs. This strategic move isn’t just about expanding a social media application; it’s about reshaping the entire landscape of Social Web3 to ensure users are at the forefront of the value they create and sustain.


The pre-launch phase has already shown promising signs, with over 4,750+ early registrations signaling a robust community eager for the platform’s official rollout. With the launch just around the corner and the support of an industry-leading network like Polygon, Friendzone is not only positioned to become the go-to Social marketplace but also to redefine the very fabric of social media interaction in the internet age.


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Friend.tech Logo


2. Friend.tech: Friend.tech represents a leading SocialFi project that operates on the Base decentralized app platform. It allows creators to leverage social tokens to monetize content, offering unique “Keys” for exclusive access to private chats and other perks. As the biggest SocialFi project currently, based on the hype it has generated, Friend.tech symbolizes the potential of SocialFi in transforming creator-community interactions​​.


Stars Arena Logo 


3. Stars Arena: Hosted on the Avalanche network, Stars Arena is another notable SocialFi initiative. It permits users to monetize their content by linking accounts and trading via AVAX. Similar to Friend.tech, Stars Arena provides influencers with a platform to monetize their fan base by offering exclusive content. Despite facing challenges, including a significant exploit, it remains a prominent player in the SocialFi landscape​​.


Maringo Logo 


4. Maringo: Maringo is a multipurpose decentralized application that caters to digital creatives and users, enabling them to socialize, engage in digital commerce, and earn rewards through gamification. This pan-African platform utilizes Web3 technology to empower users with financial opportunities as they interact and engage on the platform, highlighting the global reach and diverse applications of SocialFi​​.




The SocialFi market has witnessed significant growth and diversification, particularly in the content creation segment, which includes about 140 projects. The total capitalization of the SocialFi market was estimated between $2 to $20 billion as of mid-2022, depending on the inclusion criteria for SocialFi initiatives. The market is also segmented into various categories, such as Social Networks, FitFi, Gamification, and more, each contributing to the overall dynamics of the SocialFi ecosystem.


Notably, the InfluenceFi segment has attracted considerable investment, securing over $479 million across 31 projects. This segment focuses on monetizing the social capital of individuals with skills, knowledge, or other valuable social assets. Other segments like MetaFi and CommunicationFi also received significant investments, indicating a growing interest in diverse SocialFi niches.


The user base of SocialFi projects has reached 14 million, with more than 5 million active users. This growing user base is a testament to the increasing adoption and acceptance of SocialFi platforms. However, the entire crypto industry, including SocialFi, is experiencing a recession, reflected in a decrease in turnover in applications and a decline in positions in SocialFi project tokens.


The future of SocialFi looks promising as it provides new avenues for creator monetization, community-owned social media models, and decentralized applications. With the increasing adoption of Web3 technologies, SocialFi is set to redefine the landscape of social media and digital interactions, offering more control and monetization opportunities to users and creators alike​​​​.


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