Taipei Blockchain Week Series 1- Avalanche: Revolutionizing Web3 and Financial Services


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Key Takeaways:


  1. Avalanche’s Superior Speed: Avalanche sets a benchmark in blockchain speed, achieving transaction finality almost instantly, a significant leap from the typical 15-40 minute duration on other platforms.
  2. Ava Labs’ Integral Role: Ava Labs plays a vital role in Avalanche’s success, handling technical support, business development, and marketing, crucial for simplifying Web3 development.
  3. Innovative Ecosystem and Architecture: Avalanche’s unique structure comprises multiple blockchains or ‘appchains’, facilitating customized blockchain solutions for diverse industry needs, bolstered by AvaCloud’s managed services for easy integration.


By Tai, CoinRank Editor-inChief


Taipei- In a groundbreaking presentation at Taipei Blockchain Week, Justin Kim, head of Korea at Ava Labs, unveiled the remarkable capabilities and achievements of the Avalanche blockchain, a pioneering force in the Web3 space.

Avalanche’s Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

Kim highlighted Avalanche’s extraordinary speed, boasting the fastest time to finality among blockchains. It means transactions on Avalanche, whether NFT transfers or payments, are immutable almost instantly, starkly contrasting to the 15-40 minute duration on other platforms.

The Backbone of Avalanche: Ava Labs’ Involvement

Ava Labs, the company behind Avalanche, is crucial in operating the ecosystem. They provide extensive support, encompassing technical aspects, business development, and marketing. Their efforts are pivotal in simplifying Web3 for developers.


Kim also mentioned that the Avalanche consensus, a third-generation consensus mechanism, was developed at Cornell University by Dr. Emin Gün Sirer and colleagues. It ensures instant finality and remarkable energy efficiency, using a fraction of energy compared to other blockchains.


Justin Kim, head of Korea at Ava Labs, introduced the features and core values of Avalanche and Ava Labs at Taipei Blockchain Week 2023, Dec. 14, 2023.

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Ecosystem and Architecture: Subnets and Appchains

A unique feature of Avalanche is its structure as an ecosystem of multiple blockchains, termed as “appchains” or subnets. This architecture allows for customized blockchain creation, catering to specific needs like gaming or regulated industries. The P-chain, a part of Avalanche, enables users to establish their blockchains, offering customization options like validator sets and gas tokens.

Cloud Services and Business Integration

At the same time, Kim discussed AvaCloud, a fully managed service enabling rapid blockchain launch, as used by major partners like JP Morgan and Triple-A Game Studios. It offers comprehensive support, including 24/7 development assistance and cross-chain messaging capabilities.

Apart from merely offering conceptual explanations of AvaCloud’s business model, Kim also shared more details of  three thrilling cases mentioned above regarding the practical application of AvaCloud’s services:

  • SK, a leading conglomerate in Korea, utilized Avalanche’s subnet for three major consumer applications, including a loyalty program and ticketing for K-pop concerts.
  • Shrapnel, a Triple-A game studio, is set to launch a blockchain-based game on Avalanche, leveraging its instant finality for in-game transactions.
  • Financial giants JP Morgan and Citibank developed financial applications on Avalanche’s subnet, streamlining operations and achieving significant cost reductions.


Kim also provided some thrilling use cases of AvaCloud. One of them is Shrapnel.

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Avalanche is a beacon of innovation in the blockchain industry, offering unmatched speed, efficiency, and customization. Its growing list of successful partnerships and applications in various sectors, from gaming to finance, marks it as a key player in the ongoing evolution of blockchain technology.


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