Taipei Blockchain Week Series 4- Crypto Exchange Leaders Discuss Market Trends and Future at Industry Panel


David Ham, Director of Business Development – APAC of Certik, Raphael Polansky, COO of BitMex, Henry Liu, CEO of  BTSE, Carmen Tan,  Chief Communications Officer of CoinW, left to right, during the crypto exchanges conference at Taipei Blockchain Week 2023, Dec 14, 2023.

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Key Takeaways:


  1. BitMEX’s Commitment to Security: Raphael Polansky emphasizes BitMEX’s unparalleled security and user safety, stating their unblemished record of never being hacked or losing a coin.
  2. BTSE’s Hybrid Finance Model: Henry Liu highlights BTSE’s unique blend of traditional and decentralized finance, underscoring their diverse experience and innovative approach in the crypto space.
  3. CoinW’s Focus on Localization and Compliance: Carmen Tan emphasizes CoinW’s dedication to adapting their exchange to local markets and working closely with government regulations for enhanced user security.


By Tai, CoinRank Editor-inChief


Taipei- In a groundbreaking panel discussion at Taipei Blockchain Week, leaders from prominent crypto exchanges shared their insights on the industry’s evolving landscape. The panel included Raphael Polansky, COO of BitMex; Henry Liu, CEO of BTSE; and Carmen Tan, Chief Communications Officer at CoinW.

BitMEX Focuses on Customer Support and Security

Polansky, steering BitMEX’s direction, emphasized the importance of customer support in the crypto world. “Our security is definitely one of the best… We have never been hacked. We have never lost a coin,” Polansky stated, highlighting BitMEX’s commitment to user safety.


BTSE at the Intersection of Traditional and Decentralized Finance

Liu from BTSE shared insights into their unique position in the market. “What makes us different… is both having operated for many years in the space and having both the people that built the company come from both the traditional financial sector as well as from decentralized finance,” he explained.

CoinW’s Emphasis on Localization and Compliance

Tan, representing CoinW, stressed the importance of adapting to local markets, particularly in Taiwan. “We wanted to work very hard to be able to localize our exchange into Taiwan. We are working very closely with the government,” she noted, underlining the significance of cultural sensitivity in global operations.

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Adapting to Regulatory Changes and Market Dynamics

The panelists unanimously acknowledged the dynamic nature of the crypto market. Polansky highlighted BitMEX’s proactive approach: “We saw that the markets are going down… We also took the opportunity to revamp our systems.”


Liu added, “We work on a per-country basis, understanding what the regulators want us to do and how we can help them.”


Tan echoed these sentiments, focusing on the need for clear and compliant operations: “We stand together with the government’s regulations body in order to provide our end users a very secure environment.”

Future Outlook: Innovation, Compliance, and User Protection

Looking forward, the leaders expressed a collective focus on innovation, adapting to regulatory landscapes, and enhancing user protection. “We’re focusing on different kinds of trading bots, more around copy trading… trying to show them the most profitable strategies,” Polansky shared, discussing BitMEX’s future strategies.


Liu spoke about BTSE’s plans to explore cutting-edge tools like non-identifying KYC to improve user experience. Tan emphasized CoinW’s commitment to user education and security.

Reflections on Binance and the Broader Industry

The panelists also shared their perspectives on Binance’s regulatory challenges. “I hope Binance will do best with it… They will have to build up legal way more than before,” Polansky remarked, acknowledging the complexities of navigating the regulatory environment.


Liu added, “A lot of precedents are set because we prefer an environment that’s not by enforcement but rather by regulation.”

Closing Remarks: Readiness for Market Shifts

In their final thoughts, the leaders agreed on the importance of being prepared for market shifts. “Realizing that the bull market is already here… The question is just in what to invest and how strong you believe in it,” Polansky concluded.


The panel discussion offered a deep dive into the strategies, challenges, and aspirations of leading crypto exchanges. With a shared focus on innovation, regulation, and customer-centric approaches, these industry leaders paint a picture of a rapidly evolving market poised for future growth and challenges.


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