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ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE): Democracy and Freedom



  • ConstitutionDAO leverages blockchain and smart contracts for self-governance and ownership of rare assets.
  • PEOPLE holders gain governance rights and potential investment opportunities within the DAO ecosystem.
  • PEOPLE facilitates secure online payments, community governance, and cross-border transactions.


ConstitutionDAO uses blockchain to promote democratic social reform. PEOPLE, its cryptocurrency, offers decentralized ownership and investment opportunities within the DAO.






ConstitutionDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) based on blockchain technology, aimed at promoting social reform through democratic means. The core idea of ConstitutionDAO is to use blockchain technology and smart contracts to establish an organization capable of self-management and self-governance.


Dedicated to achieving democratic, transparent, and decentralized social governance, ConstitutionDAO ensures that every participant has an equal voice and decision-making power through voting and consensus mechanisms. This decentralized autonomous approach enables ConstitutionDAO to more flexibly, fairly, and efficiently promote social reform.


Initially, its goal was to acquire a rare artifact, a printed copy of the 1787 U.S. Constitution, of which only 13 copies exist worldwide. However, after the unsuccessful bid, PEOPLE now symbolizes this historically significant DAO movement.


  • Rewarding Supporters with PEOPLE Tokens


To encourage participation and strengthen investor commitment, contributors were incentivized with PEOPLE tokens. These tokens essentially act as a form of membership, granting holders certain privileges within the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).


  • Main Functions of ConstitutionDAO


Decentralized ownership, community-driven governance, and rare asset protection. ConstitutionDAO provides a transparent and decentralized solution for the ownership and management of historical documents and cultural artifacts. Here are some key functions of the project:


1. Decentralized Ownership:

ConstitutionDAO leverages blockchain technology to decentralize the ownership of rare assets. This means that multiple individuals can collectively own a portion of the assets held by the DAO, with ownership secured by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.


2. Community-Driven Governance:

The decision-making process of ConstitutionDAO is based on a liquid democracy model, where community members can delegate their voting rights to other members or vote directly on proposals. In this community-driven governance model, decisions related to the ownership and management of assets held by the DAO are made in a transparent and democratic manner.


3. Protection of Rare Assets:

ConstitutionDAO not only plans to acquire rare assets but also aims to protect them through a set of rules and protocols programmed into smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. These rules and protocols ensure the protection and preservation of the assets held by the DAO for future generations.




PEOPLE  is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency within the ConstitutionDAO project, aimed at establishing a decentralized social network ecosystem. It offers a secure, transparent, and anonymous payment method while granting users more control and privacy protection. In this project, people can participate in DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) activities by purchasing PEOPLE. Holding PEOPLE means that the holder has a certain share or stake in the DAO, allowing them to influence decisions, vote, or share in the project’s profits.


The total issuance of PEOPLE is limited, giving it a degree of scarcity. Its value may increase over time, providing holders with a potential investment opportunity.


  • Applications of PEOPLE Coin:


1. Online Payments: You can use PEOPLE for online shopping or digital goods transactions. Simply use a mobile wallet or trading platform to easily complete payments.


2. Investment Trading: PEOPLE holds investment value in the cryptocurrency market. You can buy and sell it through exchanges, seeking to achieve returns.


  • Community Governance and Cross-Border Payments:


1. Community Governance: As a holder of PEOPLE, you have the right to participate in community governance and decision-making. This means you can join other holders in collectively driving the development and growth of the PEOPLE ecosystem, exerting your influence.


2. Cross-Border Payments: Due to the decentralized and anonymous nature of PEOPLE, it can serve as a tool for cross-border payments. This allows you to conduct international transactions more conveniently without being constrained by geographical limitations and cumbersome procedures.


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Even though this project has recently garnered significant attention and support within the cryptocurrency community, there are still many important factors to consider before investing.


The demand for ownership of rare assets held by ConstitutionDAO is a driving force behind the project. Additionally, the ConstitutionDAO ecosystem provides governance and decision-making capabilities. To a large extent, these factors are the drivers of PEOPLE value. The project’s appeal is largely ideological for contributors—the entire community, composed of individuals, will collectively own a rare and iconic asset, reflecting the empowerment of the people.


PEOPLE has significant utility and broad applications. It uniquely combines the concepts of DAO, Web3.0, and MEME. Through the labels of “democracy” and “freedom” attributed to it and the slogan “of the people, by the people, for the people,” it has created a powerful market consensus.


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  • What is PEOPLE ?

PEOPLE  is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency within the ConstitutionDAO project.



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