Finance Dictionary : Credit Rating

Credit Rating


Discover the concept of Credit Rating, an evaluative score reflecting the creditworthiness of individuals or businesses based on their financial history. Understand its crucial role in lending decisions and financial transactions. Visit ASIC's MoneySmart website for more information on credit ratings.



A credit rating is a numeric or alphanumeric score applied to individuals or businesses based on an assessment of their credit history. This rating serves as an indicator of the entity’s ability to fulfill debt repayment obligations.


Credit ratings are pivotal in financial decision-making, as they assist lenders, creditors, and financial institutions in evaluating the risk associated with extending credit. These ratings are determined through the examination of factors like credit history, repayment records, outstanding debt, and other financial indicators.


Credit ratings influence the availability of credit, the terms of credit agreements, and interest rates. They are widely used in loan approvals, mortgage applications, and other financial transactions. Regulators and credit reporting agencies play a significant role in setting standards for credit ratings to ensure accuracy, consistency, and fairness in the assessment of creditworthiness.


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