Finance Dictionary : Credit



Explore the concept of Credit, a financial arrangement enabling deferred payment for goods and services. Understand its varied forms and the importance of prudent management in financial well-being.



Credit, in the realm of lending and finance, designates a financial arrangement by which a customer procures goods or services without immediate payment, with the understanding that the payment will occur at a specified future date. Credit arrangements can manifest in various forms, including credit accounts with suppliers, store credit cards, or bank credit cards.


In a credit transaction, the customer incurs a financial obligation to settle the outstanding amount at an agreed-upon date, typically incurring interest or other charges as part of the arrangement. Credit facilities serve as a means for consumers and businesses to access goods and services promptly while managing cash flow.


Proper management of credit is essential to maintain financial health and entails careful consideration of terms, interest rates, and repayment schedules.


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