Finance Dictionary : Crowdfunding



Explore the concept of Crowdfunding, a method of financing business ideas through public donations, typically conducted online via crowdfunding websites. Learn how it fosters entrepreneurial initiatives and fosters financial support from a broader audience.



Crowdfunding serves as a contemporary method for financing business ventures by soliciting monetary contributions from the public. Typically conducted through dedicated online platforms or crowdfunding websites, this innovative approach facilitates direct engagement between entrepreneurs and potential backers.


Crowdfunding campaigns encompass a wide spectrum of initiatives, from startups seeking initial capital to established businesses exploring new projects. It allows entrepreneurs to present their ideas and projects to a broader audience, potentially attracting numerous individuals who believe in the concept and are willing to provide financial support.


The success of a crowdfunding campaign often hinges on effective marketing, transparency, and clear communication. In return for their contributions, backers may receive rewards, equity in the business, or simply the satisfaction of supporting a project they believe in.


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