Finance Dictionary : Financial Year

Financial Year


Learn about the Financial Year, a 12-month accounting period commonly spanning from July 1 to June 30, vital for financial planning, reporting, and taxation compliance.



Financial Year – A Standardized 12-Month Accounting Period


A financial year, also known as a fiscal year, represents a standardized and predetermined 12-month accounting period employed by businesses, organizations, and government entities for financial reporting and taxation purposes. In many countries, the financial year conventionally commences on July 1st and concludes on June 30th of the following calendar year.


This specific timeframe provides a consistent and structured basis for financial planning, reporting, and taxation, enabling entities to assess their financial performance, set budgets, and fulfill their tax obligations. It is important to note that the financial year does not necessarily align with the calendar year, offering flexibility in financial management and reporting.


Understanding the financial year is crucial for entities to comply with legal and accounting requirements, prepare financial statements, and manage their tax obligations in accordance with regulatory standards.



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