Finance Dictionary : Interest Rate


Explore the world of Interest Rates, the pivotal percentages governing borrowing and earnings, influenced by product type and credit risk, with potential fluctuations.



Interest Rate – The Percentage Governing Borrowing Costs and Earnings


An interest rate is a vital financial metric expressed as a percentage, which serves as the basis for computing the cost of borrowing money or the income generated from financial assets. These rates fluctuate across various financial products and are influenced by factors such as market conditions, credit risk, and the nature of the loan.


Interest rates can be categorized into two primary forms: fixed or variable. Fixed interest rates remain constant for the duration of a loan, providing predictability in repayment. In contrast, variable interest rates can change over time, potentially impacting borrowing costs and earnings.


Understanding interest rates is crucial for borrowers, investors, and policymakers. They impact the affordability of loans, the attractiveness of investments, and the stability of financial markets.


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