Finance Dictionary : Margin


Explore the concept of Margin, uncovering the interplay between selling prices and profits, often depicted as a gross margin percentage for sound financial decision-making.



Margin – Analyzing Profitability in Sales


Margin is a financial term that delves into the dynamics of profitability within the realm of commerce. It represents the difference between the selling price of a good or service and the associated profit. Typically expressed as a gross margin percentage, it illuminates the proportion of profit garnered from each sales dollar.


Understanding margin is pivotal for businesses and individuals engaged in commerce as it serves as an indicator of financial performance and profit potential. It helps in pricing strategies, cost control, and decision-making, as a healthy margin implies a better ability to cover costs and generate earnings.


The gross margin percentage reflects the core profitability of a product or service, and businesses strive to optimize this figure to enhance their financial health and competitive edge.


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