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$MEW: Cat in a Dogs World



  • $MEW's market cap soared to $950 million in 3 days, marking it the fastest-growing memecoin.
  • MEW's unique cat-centric narrative has captivated over 240,000 holders and a vibrant community.
  • A strategic airdrop to the Solana community fosters engagement and integration with existing networks.


$MEW is the premier cat-based memecoin of 2024, challenging dog-themed dominance on Solana. Discover its rapid rise and unique community-driven approach.






In the world of memecoins, a new contender has emerged: Cat in a Dogs World, with the ticker symbol $MEW. Launched on the Solana blockchain, $MEW is the native token of the Cat in a Dogs World project. Since its introduction, it has quickly gained the attention of the cryptocurrency community by attempting to break the dominance of dog-themed memecoins with a fresh, cat-centric narrative.


The primary image of the $MEW is a white cat, actively existing in a world dominated by dogs. This unique imagery has swiftly attracted the interest of many crypto enthusiasts.

  • Token Supply and Distribution


The total supply of MEW coins is 88,888,888,888 MEW, with the current circulating supply matching the total supply. According to the official website, the token distribution for this memecoin is as follows:


  1. 90% of $MEW is allocated to the liquidity pool
  2. 10% is airdropped to the Solana community


Check more on: $MEW official website


Cat in a Dogs World




In just 3 days, the market capitalization of $MEW surpassed $950 million, making it the fastest-growing memecoin in the first 72 hours of observation. The token even broke through the $0.01 (1 cent) mark, giving it a substantial and tangible presence.


The meteoric rise of MEW‘s market value to $950 million within just 3 days of its launch not only signifies its financial success but also marks a collective victory for all cat enthusiasts in the crypto world. Driven by over 240,000 holders and a vibrant, meme-loving community on Telegram, this is just the beginning of MEW’s journey. $MEW is more than just a token; it represents a breath of fresh air and a call to anyone who feels overshadowed, offering a novel and innovative approach to the expansion of memecoins. MEW is a new platform for creative expression and financial empowerment.


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$MEW defies the mundane status quo: a world ruled by dogs. With a playful and rebellious spirit, $MEW leads the trend, bringing style and fluidity to energize the entire community.


All holders of SAGA2 tokens and those who ordered the second-generation Solana mobile phones received a $MEW airdrop. This exemplifies the spirit of community participation, dedication, and innovation. By offering many people the opportunity to participate, MEW‘s mission is continually reinforced, instilling a sense of creative rebellion in their hearts while also seeking to improve the world by providing token acquisition opportunities to the Solana community.


Allocating 10% of $MEW to the Solana community is a strategic charm offensive aimed at winning hearts and fostering immediate engagement. This airdrop is both a token of gratitude to the Solana community and an invitation for its members to join in. It ensures that MEW integrates into an existing, vibrant community, maintaining goodwill and participation from the outset.


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  • What is $MEW?

$MEW is the premier cat-based memecoin of 2024, symbolizing the concept of “one against many” by challenging the dominance of dog-themed memecoins.



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