Finance Dictionary : Personal Property Security Register (PPSR)


Learn about the PPSR, a centralized register for security interests in personal property, replacing multiple registers with a unified national platform.



Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) – Centralized Registry for Security Interests


The Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) is a pivotal component of modern legal and financial systems, designed to streamline and centralize the registration of security interests in personal property. It has supplanted multiple registers of security interests, offering a unified, national platform for recording and accessing crucial information related to these interests.


The PPSR is instrumental in providing transparency and clarity in the context of secured transactions and asset-based financing. Through this register, lenders, businesses, and individuals can ascertain the presence of security interests in personal property, helping in risk assessment and due diligence processes.


Understanding the PPSR is fundamental for legal, financial, and business professionals who engage in transactions involving personal property and seek to safeguard their interests.


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